Sector Shipyards – Centralise Production Mod

Sector Shipyards – Centralise Production Mod

Annoyed by building fleets when you have multiple sectors? Wish you could compete with the AI’s micromanagement of ship production? Look no further!

Sector Shipyard Centralisation
Sector Shipyards adds a new policy, Sector Shipyard Centralisation. When enabled, then for each sector with a governor:

Sector Capital
Gains a +50% bonus to ship and army production per spaceport in the sector.

Sector Planets
Suffer a -50% penalty to ship and army production speed.

With centralised production, an empire of dozens of planets is almost as easy to run as one with 3-4. Just hotkey your sector capitals and build everything from there!

Why not 100%?
To avoid messing with the AI. Sector AI will still be able to build defence armies and constructors.
What about spaceport level?
All levels grant the same bonus. This is because managing build speed for individual ship types isn’t possible- we can only reduce build time, which is impractical to work with and would clash with leader traits that edit build time for different ship classes.

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