FTL – No Border Distance Penalty Stellaris

FTL – No Border Distance Penalty Stellaris

So this is my first stellaris mod, and it’s a very simple one.

Have you ever been so annoyed by the fact that warpdrive and hyperdrive engines have a windup/winddown penalty outside friendly territory? Have you been driven mad when you were going to save the galaxy from crisis, but your fleet just stuck for a few years trying to cross the vast void?
Don’t you think that wrapdrive is so f**king slow compared to over FTL method?
Then here is your relief.

It simply removes penalty outside friendly territory for warpdrive and hyperdrive, and slightly buffed the two FTL.

Below is all the changes I have made.

NShip = {
WARP_WINDUP = 0.8 # (1.0) Distance multiplier to warp windup in microupdates
# AFTER 1.6 vanilla warp windown has been adjusted from 5.5 to 8.0! So I extended it a little bit in this mod…
WARP_WINDDOWN = 4.5 # (8.0) Distance multiplier to warp winddown in microupdates
WARP_WINDDOWN_OUTSIDE_BORDER = 0 # (2.0) How much more winddown time is there for systems which are 100% away from friendly territory
WARP_INTERSTELLAR_TRAVEL_SPEED = 0.5 # (0.35) In micro updates ( 10/day )
HYPERLANE_WINDUP = 120 # (150) In micro updates ( 10/day )
HYPERLANE_WINDDOWN = 0 # In micro updates
HYPERLANE_WINDUP_OUTSIDE_BORDER = 0 # (5.0) How much more windup time is there for systems which are 100% away from friendly territory
HYPERDRIVE_INTERSTELLAR_TRAVEL_SPEED = 1.2 # (1.0) In micro updates ( 10/day )

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