Mythos Culture Portrait Pack Mod

Mythos Culture Portrait Pack Mod

Contained within is a selection of themed portrait packs for your budding space empires.

The intention behind these packs is to provide some not as cute anime styled packs, borrowing largely from games like Fire Emblem and Fates/Grand Order, etc.

They provide the following themes: Egyptian, Mages, Knights and Samurai. Both the Egyptian and Samurai packs contain some meta-human like kitsune and jackal people to provide a spice of optional variety.

The Kemeti portraits are seperated into the following categories:

United Kemet – A mixture of Jackal, anubian and human peoples.
Human Kemet – A purely human faction of the Kemeti peoples.
Anubian Kemet – A purely anubian faction of the Kemeti peoples.
Variant Kemet – A variant of the united faction.

The Mages are seperated into a united category and one for each gender as options.

The Knights are seperated into a united category and one for each gender as options.

The Samurai portraits are seperated into the following categories:

Samurai Clans – A mixture of human samurai.
Mystical Samurai – A mixture of human samurai and kitsune peoples.
Kitsune Trickery – A mixture of kitsune and their enthralled samurai followers.
Samurai are then seperated into gender optional categories.

There is also a pair of combo packs, combining Mages and Knights to provide the options of both a good and evil religious order.

This is my first portrait mod, so suggestions welcome! You can find this all under the Mythos category ingame.

Naturally all copyright to original owners. Respect and admiration to their talented artistic work.

Yunaris, Eccentricbob
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