Wave Motion Gun For Stellaris

Wave Motion Gun For Stellaris

Are you tired of your Battleships’ Extra Large weapons being useless? If yes, then this mod is for you.

The goal of this mod is a rebalancing of XL class weapons in order to make them interesting to get and not just 20% Stronger weapons of the Large class.
Design Philosophy:
Energy Lances are meant to be Long-Range weapons and the exotic particles they employ can partially bleed through shields.

Arc Emitters are the chaotic weapons with the most random damage output, but guranteed since they bypass everything. Although, their final form in this mod would give them Chain Lightning effects if it ever becomes possible.

Mass Accelerators are the big guns that dish out tremendous amounts of damage but with the lowest accuracy of all.

Planned Features:
-More balancing
-Tier 3 XL weapons
-New types of XL weapons
-Possible redesign of the weapons to give them even more specialty
-The eponymous Wave Motion Gun from Space Battleship Yamato

-Version 1.3.0+ of the base game, basically…. you need the XL weapon slots.

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