Star Wars: Twi’lek Species Mod

Star Wars: Twi’lek Species Mod


This mod adds Twi’lek as a playable species to the game. The static 2D portrait models were taken from Star Wars: The Old Republic. Many thanks to Philaxos for providing all of them!

This mod includes:

– 6 female phenotypes
– 5 male phenotypes

All of them can be used as leader of your faction. Additionally, each of them is assigned to a specific job, so that every job has at least 1 female and 1 male version (governor, scientist, general, admiral, population).

Also included is a name list (“Twi’lek”) with female and male Twi’lek first names and surnames taken from Star Wars wikis.

You can find the Twi’lek under Appearance/Mammalian.

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Update Notes:


– added 3 portraits
* 1 male (1 general)
* 2 females (1 general, 1 citizen/pop)
Update Notes:

– polished the portrait images to be more homogenous in size

Update Notes:

– added the preset “United Clans of Ryloth” with the following aspects:

– plutocratic oligarchy because of the Twi’lek clan structure with ruling head-clans on top
– collectivist because of hierarchical clan structure and slave trade of own females (+50 slave tolerance)
– xenophile because Twi’lek can be found across the whole galaxy and seem to have no problems with other species
– intelligent because Twi’lek are described to be cunning
– charismatic because Twi’lek females are described to be particularly attractive
– weak because I needed a -1 trait ????

Update Notes:

changes in name list:
– added random Star Wars themed ship names
– added more female/male first names and surnames
– added planet names for starting system (since there are only 3 known Twi’lek planets in the Ryloth system, I added names based on Twi’lek city names and other Twi’lek related terms)
– added random Star Wars planet names for each type of habitable planets
– added optional name list without the planet names (to be used with a Star Wars galaxy map mod; needs manual replacement of the name list in common/name_lists in the mod folder)

To do list for future updates:

– add more male and female phenotypes

I plan to make more Star Wars species. For this, I will need more SW TOR screenshots of the respective species. If you’d like to contribute to this, please contact me.

If you notice any bugs, please report them to me. If you have any suggestions fixing a reported bug, please feel free to post the solution and I will see if it works. Since I’m totally new to modding, I am grateful for tips, improvement ideas etc.

Copyright claimer: This is a non-profit mod. No copyright infringement is intended. All images belong to their respective trademark owners.

DO NOT reupload this mod and/or any parts of it without my permission. Also DO NOT use this mod and/or parts of it for your own mod or any other project without my permission.

Philaxos, Aquarius
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