Star Wars – Resurgent Class Stellaris

Star Wars – Resurgent Class Stellaris

All permissions for this mod were granted. It will not be removed like the ports I did of the Mass Effect Dawn of the Reapers and Halo Sins of the Prophets mods.

Star Wars – Resurgent Class
This mod adds a Resurgent-class battlecruiser from The Force Awakens to Stellaris. You WILL need Elratie’s Empire Ships mod for this mod to work at all. You unlock the Resurgent design by researching the Dreadnought (Allegiance) technology. It does not generate an automatic design, so you’ll have to create a new one.

The Resurgent has more weapon slots but the same number of utility slots as the Allegiance, so it’s a tradeoff of resilience for firepower. I’m not particularly concerned with balance.

Elratie’s excellent Empire Ships mod.

This adds a new ship class designed to fit in the Empire Ships mod by Elratie. As such, it isn’t affected and likewise does not affect New Ship Classes & More and Improved Space Battles (Balance).
It is compatible with Advanced Ship Behaviour Modules.

Known Issues
Turrets are acting a bit wonky. I placed them as to respect the original design from Warb_Null, but the game doesn’t really like it. I’ll try to look into it but I couldn’t find any information on the subject.

Warb_Null for the beautiful model and textures.
Elratie for letting me use his graphical culture and technologies.

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