Grand Crusade UltraMarines Stellaris

Grand Crusade UltraMarines Stellaris

a 40K mod Grand Crusade / Ultramarines Magnus
-Adds a custom Empire : Imperium Secundus lead by Roboute Guilleman
-Adds custom Leader Portraits + custom ruler portraits
-Uses the base human population though.
-2 custom flags
-Custom trait for the Maccragestrain humans *msotly to affect leaders*
-Custom name List
-custom civic

-Custom Combat unit ; Adeptes Astartes Ultramarines: Extremely expensive but powerfull, but availeble at the start of the game. * I have no real experiance with custom Army units , so I have no idea if the ai will use them*

Custom Roboute Guilleman Trait : + description , but has to be added via this command via cheats to make your hero get it.
add_trait_leader 0 trait_ruler_PrimarchRoboute

For Maximum Fun, I suggest taking cool 40k mods and a mod to select Ruler Traits for the Primarch

P.S: I might update this mod further , perhaps a custom homeworld / System and I might make more 40k Astartest legion mods , perhaps even combine all in one ,or an Emperor of Mankind even idk.

“Courage and Honor”
“I cato sicarius!”

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