Additional Map Modes For Stellaris

Additional Map Modes For Stellaris

Additional Map Modes v1.5
Game version: 1.6.*
Last updated: 2017.6.13
Not Achievement compatible (even though it doesn’t change checksum).

Additional Map Modes is introduces a variety of new map modes to supplement the limited amount currently available in the game. AMM is also a compilation of existing older mapmode mods, updating and reworking them to account for changes made to the game by Paradox. A list of all available map modes, what they do and which mod pack they are in can be found here.

AMM also makes changes to the game’s UI to make a moveable and scrollable container to reduce the amount of screen space that would be taken up by the introduction of so many mapmodes. The UI changes also include moving the newly introduced Sectors and Hyperlane toggles, from Stellaris v1.5 and v1.6 respectively, to be part of the Lower Right toolbar.

The German localisation file, translated by Swiss Halberdier, is compatible with the “Deutschkorrektur” Mod (German Community Language Correction Mod). If the mod is used with AMM, the tooltips for the icons will be displayed.

Supporting Mods
Pre-Banks Mod – For players playing the 1.4 or earlier versions of Stellaris.

A compatability patch for Speed Dial by MacAwesome can be found here.

Alternative UI patches:

UI Patch – Replaces the new Map Mode container with the base game one and reduces the number of slots from 12 to 11 so icons will not go off screen
UI 1080 Patch – This is for the UI Overhual 1080 mod. Makes the icons appear in a more horizontal fashion instead of as a column
UI 1080 Patch Type 2 – This replaces the Map Mode container in the UI Overhual 1080 mod with one that is moveable and scrollable
Additional mapmodes to pick and choose from, list of what each pack has and is focused on can be found here:

Census: Ethics
Census: Species
Census: Traits
Game Starters
Mods with Integrated Support
Here is a list of mods that I’ve added support for in AMM:

Alien Suns v2 – Full internal support has been added as of the 2017.2.19 update. Phenotype shows up as Watsonian instead of as AlienSuns.
Ethic & Government Rebuild – Partial majority internal support has been added as of the 2017.2.7 update. Look below for mod exclusive map modes.
Fallen Empires Expanded – Full internal support has been added as of the v1.3 update.
Mass Effect Theme Pack – Full internal support has been added as of the 2017.1.8 update.
Planetary Diversity – Full internal support has been added as of the v1.2 2017.2.23 update.
Star Wars Galaxy Divided – Full internal support has been added as of the 2016.12.22 update.
Packs for mods listed above:

Ethic & Government Rebuild Map Modes
Ethic & Government Rebuild Ethos Map Modes
To mod authors
Feel free to use this mod, consider this permission to use the code in another mod or mod pack. Credits would be nice.

Thanks to:

Birdy for Plentiful Mapmodes
TigerTeeth for A Fine Selection of Quality Mapmodes, Probably
Pode & Raumfahrer Spiff for Economy & Technology Mapmodes
Swiss Halberdier for translating the German localisation file
Annatar for translating the Russian localisation file
Change Log
v1.5 – 2017.6.13 – Fixed errors in localisation files.
v1.5 – 2017.5.22 – Fixed error in localisation files.
v1.5 – 2017.5.18 – Updated German localisation file.
v1.5 – 2017.5.17 – Entire mod was reworked, reorganized, cleaned up and bugs fixed (hopefully all of them). Added Food Surplus production mapmode to the AMM Main; moved Authority, Dominant Ethos, FTL, Phenotype and Planet Preference mapmodes from AMM Main into their own submod. Added numerous mapmodes, too much to list individually, as various submods. Incorporated Russian localisation file by Annatar. Added an Additional Map Modes tag for easier filtering for Stellaris Mod UI.

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