Ships reworked Stellaris

Ships reworked Stellaris

Made by Yandersen for Stellaris v1.6
All ships rebalanced, 4 new ship sizes added; resulting line looks like:
Corvette, 1 Naval cap, 300 HP;
Destroyer, 2 Naval cap, 600 HP;
Cruiser, 4 Naval cap, 1200 HP;
Battleship, 8 Naval cap, 2400 HP;
Dreadnought, 16 Naval cap, 4800 HP;
Titan, 32 Naval cap, 9600 HP;
Flagship, 64 Naval cap, 19200 HP;
Battlestar, 128 Naval cap, 38400 HP.

Each spaceport level now grants new ship size and Assembly Yard tech with the exception of Flagships and Battlestars (independently researched, spaceport 6 requirement, no dedicated Assembly Yards).

Military stations rebalanced, 3 new ones added; resulting line looks like:
Defense Platform, 4000 HP;
Defense Station, 8000 HP;
Fortress, 16000 HP;
Bulwark, 32000 HP;
Bastion, 64000 HP;
Citadel, 128000 HP.

All weapons rebalanced, mechanics changed (dmg, CD, range, shield and armor penetrations for various weapon types). Crucial changes:
PD, torpedo and XL weapon slots has been transformed into 3 new weapon tiers for new ships;
‘new’ weapon slot tiers are “D”, “T” and “F” following “S”, “M”, “L”; those ‘new’ weapon slots are available on ship sizes above Battleships;
Point Defenses are general “S” slot instead of “P”;
Torpedoes available at general “M” slot and above;
Extra-Large player-available weapons now start at “D” weapon slot types; special mechanics (blank range, firing arc) has been removed since those weapons become turret-mount;
Disruptors now unlock only if Energy Siphon critter weapon reverse-engineered (this one buffed to be useful);
Arc Emitters now unlock only if Arc Lightning critter weapon reverse-engineered (this one buffed to be useful).

Utility slots rebalanced to accommodate for larger hull sizes: now 1 medium size device equal in properties to 8 small-size devices of the same type; consequently, 1 large-size utility device equal in properties to 64 small-size devices of the same type; all ship sections configurations and utility devices’ properties has been rebalanced accordingly to maintain the balance.

Utilities changes:
FTL drives do not cost energy now, but each ship uses individual version that differs in mineral cost;
each ship uses individual version of Thrusters that differs in mineral and energy cost; Thruster’s benefits are multiplicative now, increasing speed and evasion by certain percent;
Afterburners component changed to required type (only 1 per ship now); they provide multiplicative bonus for combat speed and evasion and available for Corvettes, Destroyers and Cruisers only; larger ships use different item in special slot – Repair Bots providing hull regeneration instead;
armor calculations have been rebalanced; armor components now provides hp also; in-build armor removed from the ships and military stations;
shields now regenerate in combat without explicit need of Shield Capacitor (Capacitor only boosts the regeneration speed); Shields got nerfed in HP and buffed in regeneration rate; aux utility component “Shield Modulator” added providing +50% shield HP (unlocked together with Shield Capacitors);
Sensor components mounted on science ships provide anomaly discovery chance bonus instead of tracking bonus;
Combat Computers have no cost now;

Combat computers and behavior AI changed. Now there are 3 types of ship behavior: default, aggressive and defensive. The only difference between the last two is the attack range at which ship stops encountering a target: for defensive behavior it is the maximum range (defined by the max-range weapon equipped), for the aggressive – the range of the lowest range weapon (which may be even 10 for PD, so be careful). Both behaviors are available for each ship size and represented by the color of the symbol above computer slot item (red for aggressive and blue for defensive). The precognitive interface has only defensive behavior option. The default behavior is somewhat simple – “pick closest target and shoot until it is dead”.

Reference this page for the list of compatible and conflicting mods.

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