Stellaris Reworks Stellaris Mod

Stellaris Reworks Stellaris Mod

Welcome to the Stellaris Reworks Mod. This is a mod I am personally taking on. This is a continuous project that will keep adding new features and techs to the game. I am trying to keep this in sync best I can with vanilla so the game still “feels” like Stellaris. Although I have done a massive overhaul to the weapons to help balance everything out and make every tech option and government type a viable option to compete with. I hope you enjoy my works.

New Features:

Created 17 New Technologies:

Xeno Ecology
Xeno Empathy
Xeno Meditaiton Sciences
Ecological Engineering
Advanced Ecological Engineering
Secrets of the Sentient Brain

Subspace Information Networks
Polymorphic Software
Advanced Sub Atomic Theory
Applied Relativity
Unified Field Theory
Photon Wave Mehcanics

Psionic War Beasts

Liquid Light Circuity
Advanced Science Lab
Planetary Unions
Core Industrial Administrative Ethics

Ship Designer:

New Navigational Sensors – In the ship sensor selection
New Ship Computers
Customizable Ship Hull

New Empire Unique Buildings Minus their Graphics (sorry):

The Super Collider
Glactic Institute of Technology

Level 2 to 6 Spaceports now reduce the building costs of your ships significanly with each step up!

Edit to existing Features:

Changes to Weapon Balance (All weapons stats have been redone and tested)
Increased costs of combat computers and ship sensors.
Reworked Hull points of all ship builds
Separate Weapon/Sheild/Armor/Reactor/slots
Revisit your ship designer often! This is where a lot of the new stuff is.
Utility slot changes:
Large = Reactor Slot
Medium = Shield Slot
Small = Armor Slot
Stronger space stations – Much more hull per level
More Fleet Capacity per space station level
Navy Population size multiplier increased
Border expansion based on pops increased slightly
Customizable Frontier Outposts
Leader pool recycles every 4 years
Younger starting leaders
More border expansion and fleet capacity based on pops
Stronger base ship builds – Much more customizable
Stonger aliens across the entire galaxy
More custom resource clusters
Strike craft per slot increased from 4 to 40 – stats adjusted as well.
No more warp cool down to make warp competitive
Rule ship from military dictatorship buffed
Technology research times increased for mid and late game
Game starts from 10000.01.01

Golden Monkey, Plumber Dragon
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