ANFP: Dynamic Economy Stellaris

ANFP: Dynamic Economy Stellaris

Are your pops tired of being overworked and underpaid day after day while you tramps around the galaxy stomping Xeno bad guys? Do they feel like they might as well be splitting rocks with a ball-n-chain icon over them? If so, why not set up a Dynamic Economy for them! Let them experience a fluctuating market as they go about their insignificant lives.

10 Colony Economic Infrastructures
5 Capital Economic Infrastructures
Colonies Independently Experience

25 Levels of Market Fluctuation
Short-term Bull and Bear Type Movement
Long-term Rallies and Recessions
Your Influences for Growth
Countries Experience

Capital Economy Bonuses
Network Bonuses
Country Wide Rallies and Recessions
How It Works

Each economy independently experiences 25 levels of market fluctuation. If left alone, the market will tend to stay around a moderate level (level 12-17) but not always. Once created, the economy will trigger an internal event that randomly sets up a scheduled fluctuation to a random future time. During this event, the mod will weight certain factors and throw the dice for either a growth event, a decline event, or a market event. Market events can result in recessions, rally, bull, bear, or stagnation events.

When the timer for the schedule event ends, it will fire the growth or decline event and cycle back to the first internal event. This eternal event is independent for each economy and does not rely on any monthly or yearly game pulses.

Market Events

Rallies increase the chance of economy growth and reduce the base time until the next market fluctuation. They also reduce the randomness of the base time. Recessions in turn, increase the chance of economic decline and increase the base time until the next market fluctuation. They also increase the randomness of the base time. Rallies and Recessions can also cancel each other out. If a planet experiences growth or decline for 5 consecutive fluctuations it will enter a rally (from growth) or recession (from decline).

Bull movement lasts only for one fluctuation and reduces the base time until the next market fluctuation. Bear in turn, increases the base time until the next market fluctuation and also only lasts for one fluctuation.

A planetary edict, Influence Growth, provides a means to take advantage of rallies or curb the negative market effect of a recession. It also increases building speed and reduces build cost while active. Using the edict while first creating the economic infrastructure or during a rally can get the economy nice and strong in a short time. The edict does not counter the planet modifier effect of recessions.

Every 5 years, each country has a chance to enter a country wide rally or recession. If this occurs, an event window will pop up to notify you. ALL your colonies, even those without economies from the mod, will gain the appropriate modifier. Colonies that do not have a mod economy will just suffer or enjoy the modifier; no production bonuses or penalties will apply.


If you wish, you can dismantle an economy in order to set up a new one. This does take a little bit of time but is fair quick. While dismantling, a negative modifier will be added to the planet. Once complete a different negative modifier will be applied preventing the creation of a new economy for a preset time.

If you move your capital while it has a capital economy, or move it to a colony that has a non-capital economy, the economy will be forcibly dismantled. You will be notified if this happens.

Disclaimer of Knowledge

I’ll say this now before anyone chimes in. I am NOT an economists nor do I have extensive knowledge of how real world economies work internally. I simply took common market terms and applied them in a very simplistic manner to achieve the desired outcome. They remain mostly true to the simple definition of what they are but in no way should be taken as a reflection of a real world economic system.

Since I removed the Ship, Station, and Spaceport portion of the mod, this mod should be 100% compatible. All my flags, modifiers, and edicts use dynamic_ in them and all my files use anfp_de in them. I DID copy over an interface file and the icon overlay image from Guilli’s Planet Modifiers but this was only to ensure modifier icon overlay placement is uniform with his mod, which I think he has done with Planetary Diversity?

I suggest using the following mods to increase the experience of using this one:

Guilli’s Planet Modifiers
Planetary Diversity
I do not suggest using Guilli’s Habitat Specialisations with this mod since they both will add specialization modifiers to habitats. Currently habitats can get the normal modifiers from this mod. I will be changing how they work in a future update.


Full AI implementation. CURRENTLY NO AI USE.
Habit Specific Economies.
Galactic Wide Recessions and Rallies.

Economic Events that spawn pirates or other entities
Economic Events based on Ethics, Civics, and Traits

Planetary Expansion 2
Unity Focused Buildings
Dynamic Economy
DE Expansion – Station and Spaceport Buff

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