ANFP: Unity Focused Buildings Mod

ANFP: Unity Focused Buildings Mod

This force, Unity – a new and mysterious force in the universe, has propelled our civilization into a new age of science, spiritualism, evolution, and Utopia. Our scientists and spiritual leaders, having come together in a rare symposium of discovery, have found a means to harness this universal energy what they call ‘Unity Foundations’. In turn, these foundations can be improved to increase our productivity.

A ‘Unity Foundation’ is the base of powerful buildings that collect and focus raw Unity for conversion into usable resources.

Technologies (16) & Buildings and Upgrades (21):
Unity Foundation
Converter Station I, II, III
Manufacturing Complex I, II, III
Seed Farm I, II, III
Research and Development (R & D) Lab I, II, III
Unity Culture Center I, II, III
Buildings are planet unique and the Unity Culture Center is empire unique with restriction to the capital world. If you move your capital it WILL BE DESTROYED.

Habitats can use the Unity Foundation and a less effective version of all the buildingss except the Unity Culture Center. Why? Because they aren’t living systems like planets and ringworlds. Fortuanatly, habitat engineers have found a way to harness some of the Unity from the host planets.

The technologies should came shortly after researching their prerequisites. I did a few plays and had all the techs right around my 4th or 5th ascension perk.

AI Usage:
I’m not sure if sectors will build any of these but I’m possitive the AI will make use of them. Not neccessarily in the manner they SHOULD but they still get the planet modifiers if not the adjacency modifiers.

April 17, 2017…….
I removed the applification country modifier from the mod. This relied on having more than two of one type of building. This would create a ‘network’ and applify the effects throughout the country. First, that was fairly unbalanced. Second, the tooltips could easily be overloaded. Finally, the building still counted even if it was deactivated and/or had no pop working it. So, I removed this feature.

Also, now that I worked most the quirks, localisation strings, and lore, I reduced the positive effects and also removed the negative effects.

Issues and Caveats:
Not Ironman Compatible I would think…
This uses Unity as a resource. Be careful if you try using to many of these to early – especially without the Unity Culture Center up.
Future Plans:
Adjust the building files so the buildings are placed similiary to vanilla.
Language Localisations
Possible events that effect these buildings

Planetary Expansion 2
Unity Focused Buildings
Dynamic Economy
DE Expansion – Station and Spaceport Buff

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