Xan’s SciFi Mashup For Stellaris

Xan’s SciFi Mashup For Stellaris

Currently WIP

Addes the following factions to the game, all are set to spawn always:

Star Wars
* Galactic Empire
* New Republic

Star Trek
* Borg Collective
* Cardassian Union
* Klingon Empire
* Romulan Star Empire
* United Federation of Plantes
* Ferengi Alliance

Warhammer 40k
* Chaos
* Dark Eldar
* Eldar
* Imperium
* Necrons
* Orks
* Tau
* Tyranids

* Protoss Empire
* Terran Dominion
* Zerg Swarm

* Skaarj Empire

* German translation
* Add biography
* Add more SF – Franchises

Please feel free to provide me some feedback so i can improve the mod experience.

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