Stellaris Tycoon Stellaris

Stellaris Tycoon Stellaris

Mod’s development is discontinued. It is also free to take, just give credit.
Updated version of this mod by Sιяιυѕ >>>LINK<<<

New buildings:

– Mineral Silo IV-VI (+ mineral storage capacity)
– Hospital (upgrade from Frontier Clinic, + habitability, + happiness)
– Entertaiment Center (upgrade from Xeno Zoo, + happiness of planet & empire, + energy)
– Industrial Complex (+ bonus to mineral extraction, – happiness)
– Bank (+ energy, + energy storage capacity)
– Central Bank (+ energy, + energy storage capacity, + influence)

New buildings:

– TV Station (+ happiness, – ethic divergence)
– Propaganda Network (- ethic divergence)
– Entertainment Network (+ happiness)
– Garantho-betharian Power Plant (+ massive energy income, + engineering research, needs Garanthium Ore and Betharain Stone to show up)
– Dark Matter Experimental Unit (+ massive energy income, + massive bonuses to research, needs Dark Matter, Garanthium Ore and Lythuric Gas)
– Atmosphere Processing Plant (+ planet habitability, needs terraforming resources)

New buildings:

– Ministry of Interior (+ leader capacity)
– Ministry of Interstellar Expansion (+ planet border range)
– Ministry of Administration (+ core sectors capacity)
– Ministry of Foreign Affairs (+ rivalries, + country trade attractiveness)
– Ministry of Development (+ building construction time, + building cost, + blocker removal)

– Listening Post (+ planet sensor range)

Freelancer Cooperation Department
– FCD – Dark Matter focus
– FCD – Zro focus
– FCD – Lythuric Gas focus
– FCD – Orillium Ore focus
– FCD – Engos Vapor focus
– FCD – Neutronium Ore focus
– FCD – Pitharan Dust focus
– FCD – Teldar Crystals focus
– FCD – Living Metal focus
– FCD – Satramene Gas focus
– FCD – Garanthium Ore focus
– FCD – Terraforming Liquid focus
– FCD – Terraforming Gas focus
(all above: + resource production)
– FCD – Security focus (+ happiness)

– Bunkers (+ planet fortification, + pop fortification, + garrison health)
– Defense Center (+ planet fortification, + pop fortification, + garrison health, + defensive bonus for newly trained soldiers)

New technologies:

– Dark Matter Experiments
– Advanced Power Plant Designs
– Frontier Healthcare
– Interstellar Banks
– Central Bank
– Interstellar Television
– Mass Indoctrination
– Interstellar Government
– Imperial Security Agency
– Freelance Contracts
– Planet Defense Effort
– Atmosphere Processing
– Industrial Complex

Pretty self-explanatory. All those technologies will be now required to build buildings contained in this mod. I am sorry they come this late.

New armies:

– Bunkers (defensive only, small damage, big health, cheap slow to build, requires building: Bunkers)
– Veteran Defense Army (defensive only, significantly better version of basic Defense Army, requires building: Defense Center)
– PDF Commando Unit (defensive only, almost Gene Warrior but cheaper and weaker, requires building: Defense Center)

Unfortunately, I had to invade "common/Buildings/00_buildings.txt" so other mods using that file may cause slight conflict. It was the only way I could find to add buildings to upgrade line. Sorry for the inconvenience, everything else should work fine.

Feedback much appreciated!

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