Relics of a Fallen Empire Mod

Relics of a Fallen Empire Mod

We were never the first. Before us there were the Fallen, and they did not go quietly. The galaxy is littered with their history, and in our arrogance, we believed their lost possessions to be our inheritance. How wrong we were.

Mod Info
This mod adds various special systems, each of which tell unique stories of the past glories of the now Fallen Empires of the galaxy. Unlocking the secrets of the past can provide enormous benefits to your empire, but beware: the Fallen will not ignore the blatant meddling of the young races! Unlike other event mods, the various steps you take can either greatly anger the Fallen, or in fact please them to the extent where they may be willing to demonstrate their gratitude in a practical sense.

Current Status
This mod currently contains three separate, unique and challenging event chains:

The Eternity Gate: A ringworld orbiting a large black hole? Impossible to us, merely improbable to the empires of the past. Discover what makes this system so special, and exactly what the Eternity Gate is. But beware of meddling in forces unseen and more powerful than you.
Aeon: A world protected by a shield impenetrable by even Fallen Empire standards is either a world to leave alone, or a world to plunder! If of course, you can ever find a way to deactivate the shield.
The Ark: A debris field in a trinary system may hold the key to transcendent power, or absolute destruction. (Unfinished).
This mod is a work in progress.

Future Updates
Finish the Ark chain.
New mini-crisis – the Reaveworld.
This is compatible with LEX.

Remember, many Bothrians died to bring us this information.

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