(-United Sci-Fi Races-) For Stellaris

(-United Sci-Fi Races-) For Stellaris

This mod is an effort to combine, improve and revive portraits from all available science fiction mods specifically the ones that are no longer updated by their creators. It is an independent mod with focus mainly on portraits. Now there are 190+ races (90+ animated) and increasing.

Current, but not final Sci-Fi sections and animated portraits are listed below:
• Babylon 5 – 1 animated (narn);
• Mass Effect – about half animated (from prothean to geth, kett)
• Star Wars – about half animated (mirialan, zabrak, twi’lek, togruta, sith, chiss, sullustan, jawa, rodian)
• Star Trek – all races animated;
• Miscellaneous races – 2 Star Gate races and 3 PlanetSide factions animated, protoss;
• Special Stellaris races – all races animated;
• Halo – uncs, prehuman, covenant races;
• Doctor Who – all races static;
• Warhammer 40k – all races static;
• XCOM – all races static.

There are also included name lists and planets/systems, but other modifications (prescr. empires, race traits, overhauls, predefinitions) are NOT included as my idea is to make it as universal as possible. If you need additional traits, you can get them from this awesome mod inspired by various sci-fi themes.

Random spawning
Random spawning is set to NO, so You can decide what races are included in your game. However, if you want randomly spawn races / AI to use any race, you can subscribe this mod patch that activates randomisation for all races mod link.
If you want ONLY animated races and randomly used by AI, please use this patch mod created for at request mod link.

Conflicting mods
Mass Effect Theme Pack – overwrites Mass Effect races;

Please see also what content of other mods were used for this mod in specific discussion thread. You may also suggest races from outdated mods or new race you have been looking for. No promises, but I consider each suggestion and appreciate your feedback. If You like it, please rate it :).

Naturally I cannot cover all Sci-Fi races/factions, but I will do as much possible from my side to create, animate and improve current mod content that we all could enjoy this awesome game mixed with other sci-fi themes.

Please check out my other mods:
• Recommended trait mod created for Sci-Fi theme (65 traits) – United traits;
• Extended Vanilla Clothes (1100+ clothes).
• Previously used static races are included in separate mod Static United Sci-Fi.
This is non commercial modification for fans of various sci-fi themes. All rights belong to the owners of corresponding trademarks.

Change log:
V. 1.0: ME – collectors and reaper husks races were added.
V. 1.1: B5 – animated narn was added.
V. 1.2: Star Wars (races mirialan, sith, twilek, zabrak) section was added.
V. 1.3: Star Wars section was expanded. Three new races (jedi, hutt and animated chiss) were added.
V. 1.4: New sections Miscellaneous (cylons, predator and xenomorphs added) and Special Races (24 races: robots, extradimensionals and swarm) were added. Sith lords added for SW.
V. 1.5: New section Star Trek and races: andorian, bajoran, cardassian, klingon, Starfleet were added. Wookiees, gungans and animated siths were added for SW.
V. 1.6: 2 Star Gate races and engineer from AvP were added to Misc section. New skins (geth and collector) were added for ME section. SW section improved: jawa race added, zabrak animated, new pics added for jedi and sith lords. Narn race updated for B5.
V. 1.7: Many Star Trek races and animated prothean race for ME were added. Zabrak and sith clothes were updated for SW.
V. 1.8: Warhammer 40k section and 20 races added. Animated twi’lek added and sith race revised, female sith lords added.
V. 1.9: Star Wars: additional skins for twi’lek added, animated sullustan and jawa added.
V. 1.10. Misc: Star Gate Command added, 3 animated PlanetSide factions added. Batarian name list updated for ME.
V. 1.11: SW: Mon calamari and animated rodian added. New set of skins added for zabrak. Misc: StarCraft races (terrans, zerg swarm and protoss) were added.
V1.12. Doctor Who section and 12 races (doctor team, daleks, cyberman, ood and others) added.
V 1.13: Rachni and keepers from ME and harvesters from Independence Day added.
V 1.14: SW: Rebels, ewoks and animated togruta were added. Misc: Firefly team was added. Names list for WH were added.
V 1.15: SW: Clothes of humanoid races revised. Robots and animated mirialan were added.
V 1.16: Special races: 3 versions of dark swarm added. More skins for geth and leviathan from ME were added. Halo section and 14 species was added.
V2.0: Mod updated to 1.5 Banks. Halo name lists were added. Rakata and dug species from SW were added. Remnant, animated kett and angara were added from ME.
V2.1: New section for XCOM and 12 races were added.
V2.2: Animated Halo races were added. Animated protoss race added. Quarians updated.
V2.3: Updated to 1.6 Adams. Humans from Battlestar Galactica, arachnids from Starship Troopers, Combine, orcs and ogres were added. Names list for many ST races were added.

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