Gwen’s Subject Types Mod

Gwen’s Subject Types Mod

What This Mod Does
This mod adds new subject types that you can force enemies to become in war. These are in addition to the standard Tributary, Vassal, and Protectorate.
1) Civility Subject Type
Civlities have a 75% decrease in naval capacity and 75% increase in planet Fortification strength. They can a -25% to building cost, construction time, and clear blocker cost. An increase of 30% research speed in Statecraft, Biology, New Worlds, Computing, Psionics, and Industry.
They grant 0.5 influence a month and are taxed 15% minerals and energy. They have the ability to colonize. We will join their defensive wars. They will not join our wars. They cannot do diplomacy.
2) Martiality Subject Type
Martialities have an increased Naval Capacity of 50%. They have a decrease in ship cost, ship construction time, and ship upkeep of 25%. They have an increase of 30% to their research speed when researching Voidcraft, Rocketry, Materials, Field Manipulation, Particles, and Military Theory. They will join our wars. We will not join their wars. They gain our sensor data. They cost us 0.25 influence each month. They cannot perform diplomacy.
3) Socialiy Subject Type
Socialities grant us half their influence gain each month. They have a reduced Naval capacity of 75%. Their population has an increased happiness of 20%. An increased ethics shift of 20%. A decreased population growth requirement of 25%. They will not join our wars. We ill join their defensive wars. They can perform diplomacy. They cannot colonize.
4) Inquestality Subject Type
Inquestalities have their naval capacity will be reduced by 75%. Their tile research is increased by 50%. They will grant us 25% of their research each month. They cannot colonize. They cannot perform diplomacy. We will join their defensive wars. They will not join our wars. They will cost us 0.25 influence each month.
5) Privateer Subject Type
Privateers haveTheir naval capacity will be increased by 100%. Their ship cost and ship upkeep will be reduced by 50%. They will give us 15% of their income each month. They will not join our wars. We will not join their wars. They can colonize. They can’t perform diplomacy. They will cost us 0.25 influence each month.

Latest Update
updated to 1.4.0

Find a way to allow them to be added through diplomacy.
Find a way to make protectorate versions that upgrade into the full versions.
Get opinion modifiers working.
Add Types that can only be applied to specific AI personalities.

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Get Notified
I post announcements of every major mod update here.

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