Foraven’s Rebalance mod (aka FRB) For Stellaris

Foraven’s Rebalance mod (aka FRB) For Stellaris

What this mod do : Improve Stellaris space combat. Weapons, ships, components, star systems and some games rules are changed to make space combat more interesting and less likely to be decided by who have to most ships to spare. Fleet composition will have more effect than in vanilla; ships will target what their guns are the most effective against rather than the weakest target (usually a nearby corvette). Some game rules have also been changed with the aim of making space battles more interesting and less dependant on how large a fleet is.

Note: -The mod has been changed drastically since the Stellaris 1.3 update, lots of previous changes have been made obsolete.
-The modified Pirate event has been temporally removed until it can be reworked.
-Lots of weapon icons are place holders util i have the time to make new ones.

Supported game version : Stellaris 1.4+ (with support for Plantoids and Leviathans)
Localisation : English and French (others will have english text for new items)
Mod Version 3.4.0

Compatibility : Any mods adding or changing weapons and ship classes/roles are not expected to be compatible.

New weapon balance
Small, medium and large weapons damage difference increased, but larger weapons also reload slower. Also, weapons now pick targets they are the most effective against; corvettes won’t be the only casualties if big guns have large targets to shoot at.

New weapons
Several new weapons to research and use like particle cannons, railguns (coilguns and railguns are different lines), rockets and disruptor missiles to name a few.

New ship roles
Several new ship roles for each ship size, all having their own bonuses and behaviors.

War has new rules
Some tweaks to war score so wargoals weight a lot more; winning random battles won’t be worth as much as capturing goal planets. More tweak planned in the future.

New star system generator
Star systems are 2-3 times larger than vanilla game, and will include new types of star systems.

A few game rules changes
Resources on planet always available regardless of buildings on it and all buildings provide some adjacent bonus to production (small %). Buildings are now the main means of increasing Empire’s resources storage capacity. Retreat time reduced to 15 days and docked fleet maintenance reduced by 40% instead of 25. Several other changes, look at changelogs.

Ship Turrets
Several ship turret models have been assigned to specific types of weapons so you have a visual clue of what type of weapon is on a ship. For example one barrel guns are usually found on beams or artillery while dual cannons on projectile weapons.

Ships scalled down
Due to the changes to map scale, ships will look smaller. Further camera zoom included.

Weapon ranges
Weapon ranges reduced by half from vanilla specs due to how small ships are.

Improved weapon effects
Several weapon effects like missiles trails have been revamped and look much better now.

No more ship trails
Spaceships look better without a long blue trail that don’t always comes from the engines (strike crafts and missiles still have them).

Revamped space critters weapons
Space monsters weapons have been changed so they are worth researching and be a good stop gap weapon while researching something more powerful. Future plans are to add new techs based on first researching space critters weapons.

Changed files

Most ship components.
Nearly all ships.
Ship behaviors.
Planets, resources, star system generator.

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