Improved Border System For Stellaris

Improved Border System For Stellaris

Improved Border System
Version 1.7*


-Smaller Border Base Radius
No more losing systems by border blobbing.

-New War Demand- Cede Frontier Outposts
No more going to war for only planets, now you can go to war for that rich resource system

The mod is based on the idea mentioned in the Stellaris – Design Corner with Martin & Daniel

Worked on bringing this design idea to the game through modding.
Changes were made not just to the border radius but also including the ai and how they target which system to build a frontier outpost.

Since frontier outposts are methods to claim systems, I needed a way to allow players and ai to go to war for them. This led to the new war demand – Cede Frontier Outposts

I couldn’t go so small with the border radius since then borders will not touch even if they are the next system over leading to no border friction. Had to find a nice balance to allow border friction to occur.

Some changes made:

Starting resources are now
Energy = 350
Minerals = 500
Influence = 500

Outpost cost = 30 minerals
Outpost Maintenance = 2 Energy
Outpost Influence Maintenance = 0.06

Changes to max Colonizer/ Research/ Constructor ships
Also made changes so the ai will build more constructor ships

Changes were made to the Ai in relation to their selection of which system to build frontier outposts.

Changes to 00_utilities.txt file
Border_extrusion_1 range = 1
Border_extrusion_2 range = 4
Border_extrusion_3 range = 8

BORDER_EXTRUDER_ED utility_component = 40 (org 50)
This has been attached to the Fallen Empire’s fortress space station
Now the Fallen Empire will have simular borders as in the past.

Couldn’t find FE Frontier Outposts in the game files

This change will also mean the Extradimensional Anchors will also have this value =40, which could be helpful for the player in fighting back.

Frontier Outposts changes
7000 HP
200 Armor

Added starting tech that lowers the cost of some military stations as well as lower some of their maintenance as well.
This was to make military defense stations more useful.


New = fallen_empire_ship_designs.txt – made changes for the FE’s large military stations to have border extenders

The only vanilla file is the utilities since i couldn’t get the game to take a xxx_utilites.txt made with only my changes.

As long as the other mods don’t touch these lines then it should be compatible.

Will be looking at possible compatible patches
Let me know if there are any you would be interested in

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