Ethics Divergence Edicts Mod

Ethics Divergence Edicts Mod

Updated for 1.2.1. If there are any issues or problems with the mod, pleased comment so they can be fixed immediately.

This mod is a straight forward addition to the game that enables specific edicts, available in the Policies tab (third tab) of the Government section (icon in the upper left of the screen that looks like the flag of your empire), to both decrease your Ethics Divergence in exchange for Research speed or, conversely, allows for greater research speed in exchange for increased Ethics Divergence.

Playing the game, I’ve found that distance becomes a problematic factor after a while because, unless you play specific government or ethics types, your ED tends to snowball very quickly as you start conquering nations and colonizing a larger distance from your homeworld. Without specific play choices, there is very little way to deal with Ethics Divergence when you get far enough away and it becomes a significant hurdle toward domination, at least in my experience. Orbital Mind Control Lasers can only go so far.

I created these edicts to, more or less, be expansions on the already existing Information Quarantine and Encourge Free Thought Government Edicts.

Information Bottlenecking – -20% Ethics Divergence, -10% Research Speed, 2 Influence Maintenance
Communication Augmentation – -40% Ethics Divergence, -20% Research Speed, 3 Influence Maintenance
Imperial Oversight – -80% Ethics Divergence, -40% Research Speed, 4 Influence Maintenance

Shared Knowledge – +20% Research Speed, +10% Ethics Divergence, 2 Influence Maintenance
Peer Review – +40% Research Speed, +20% Ethics Divergence, 3 Influence Maintenance
Scientific Omnipresence – +80% Research Speed, +40% Ethics Divergence, 4 Influence Maintenance

– AI Weighting on these edicts is 0. The AI will not use them.
– Localization on this Mod is in English only.
– The mod does not modify any files, as it simply adds new edicts to the game.
– I DO NOT know if this mod is Ironman and Achievement compatible, so please use at your own risk for achievement runs and Ironman games.

Enjoy the mod! If you run into any issues, please feel free to mention them, but I’ve extensively tested this and it should work just fine. Thank you for choosing my Ethics Divergence Edicts mod.

(The picture on this mod was acquired from the media section of the Paradox Interactive web site.)

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