Shadow’s Belle and Bellicosity – Vanilla Tech Cost Mod

Shadow’s Belle and Bellicosity – Vanilla Tech Cost Mod

Belle & Bellicosity is a mod for people who wish they weren’t limited to telling only a handful of races “I like you!” or, conversely, “come and get some if you think you’re ‘ard enough!”

It adds a series of researchable sociology technologies; Belle, and Bellicosity.
Belle increases your Trust Growth rate by 5%, and increases the number of available embassies by 1. (This won’t matter unless you have another mod which reenabled Embassies; I suggest King Lemming’s Embassies Addon.)
Bellicosity increases your available number of Rivalries by 1, and your Rivalry Influence Gain by 5%.

Once you’ve unlocked all five Belle and Bellicosity techs, there’s a tech which increases both Rivalries and Embassies by one and Rival Influence Gain and Trust Growth Rate by 25% each, following which unlocks a repeatable technology which increases both Rivalries and Embassies by one, and Rival Influence Gain and Trust Growth by 7.5% each time you research it will become available.

This version is tuned for use with Vanilla Technology Costs
Shadow’s Defines removes the escalating technology costs by pop and colony, and cranks the price of later-tier technologies up a great deal. If you use this version with Shadow’s Defines, the prices of these technologies will be really cheap! So go ahead if that floats your boat, or use the standard version.

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Shadow’s Defines is a collection of changes I made for myself; among other things, it makes Sectors purely-optional, alleviates a lot of drain on Influence, and makes the game more like a typical 4x.
Free Starport Repairs is a standalone mod that does exactly what it says on the tin; makes ship repairs at starports as free as having an Engineer admiral or a defense platform with the repair nanobots upgrade.
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[NOTICE:] No permissions, real or implied, exist for anybody to copy and paste my work and reupload it to the Workshop or to other modding sites under their name, without my explicit prior approval. If you want to modify my mod for your personal use alone, you are welcome to do so. If you wish to open up my mod to see how I made my mod to get an idea for how to make yours, you are welcome to do so.

Under no circumstances are you welcome to copy and paste the contents of my mods, change some variables, and reupload it to the Workshop. I have a specific vision for how my mods are to be, and I do not wish to see that vision subverted. If you dislike the way I make my mods, make an original mod that does what you want it to do.

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