[DUNE] Colony Structures Mod

[DUNE] Colony Structures Mod

this one also aimes to expand the possibilities in building your colonies by keeping the vanilla experience as far as possible and to bring some content of one of the most famous scifi game and novel series – DUNE.

3 technologies, 2 building plus upgrades and three ground forces will be added to the game. The buildings and technology icons are scratchmade and heavily ispired by the game DUNE II.

Planetary Radar Grid – society/new worlds
“With the colonization of new worlds the observation of the near unknown space becomes more important as we still don’t know what lies behind the distant stars.”
Prerequisition: New Worlds Protocol
Researchable after the first colony has been founded. Unlocks the Colony Outpost.

Automated Construction Facilities – engineering/materials
“To successfully encounter the new alien threats on the terrestrial scale, we need innovative, automated construction methods to build light and apative combat vehicles.”
Prerequisition: Planetary Radar Grid
Unlocks the Light Vehicle Factory and the Combat Vehicle Divison.

Improved Construction Facilities – engineering/materials
“Larger facilities with improved construction protocols will grant us the ability to build lager and more effective combat vehicles”
Prerequisition: Automated Construction Facilities
Unlocks the Heavy Vehicle Factory and the Combat Tank Divison/Missile Tank Division.

Buildings and Features
Colony Outpost
Prerequisition: Colony Shelter
Planet Sensor Range: +25%
Planet Fortification: +20%
Physics Research: 1

Command Center
Prerequisition: Colony Outpost, Planetray Administration
Planet Sensor Range: +50%
Planet Fortification: +40%
Physics Research: 2
Army Damage: +10%

Light Vehicle Factory
Prerequisition: Colony Outpost
Engineering Research: +2
Constructs the Combat Vehicle Division.

Heavy Vehicle Factory
Prerequisition: Light Vehicle Factory, Planetray Administration
Engineering Research: +3
Constructs the Combat Vehicle Division, the Combat Tank Division and the Missile Tank Division.

Although the militaristic governments have a slight advantage in researching the Vehicle Factories, the Missle Tank Division, a strong defensive unit, can only be trained by pacifistic empires. On the others side the Combat Tank Division is not available for them.

No vanilla files modified.

english, german

Bringing the Spice Melange to the game.

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