Destiny – The Traveler [In Development] Stellaris

Destiny – The Traveler [In Development] Stellaris

Now compatible with 1.5


Current Version: Alpha 0.2
Patch Notes:
-updated for 1.5 compatability
-Traveler now terraforms planets outside of borders into random class with a special modifier instead of Gaia
-Traveler spawn time is now randomized, can now as early as 40 years or as late as 160 years
-Fixed a bug that caused planets terraformed by the Traveler to be larger than size 25
-added restriction to Traveler logic to prevent terraforming of moons
-added restriction to Traveler logic to prevent terraforming of planets with megastructures built above them (untested)
-added new events to notify you when another empire begins a Golden Age, or a primitive race is uplifted by the Traveler
-added an event that triggers when your ship enters the same system as the traveler for the first time(if it hasn’t already been into your borders)

This mod is based off of the lore from Bungie’s Destiny. For anyone who doesn’t know, The Traveler is a city-sized, mysterious sphere that travels the universe, terraforms planets, and uplifts civilizations. However the Traveler is also followed by a mysterious force known as The Darkness, which destroys civilizations. At the start of Destiny, human civilization has risen and fallen, and the Traveler now sits quietly above the Last City. This mod aims to introduce the Traveler into Stellaris, and focuses on the Traveler’s ability to terraform planets and uplift civilizations.

The Traveler will spawn after some time and travel across the Galaxy. Whenever the Traveler arrives in a new system, it will do one of four things:
-If the system is the capital system of an Empire, the Traveler will orbit the star and grant the Empire a Golden Age.
-If the System has a Pre-FTL species living on its planets, the Traveler will orbit the star and uplift their civilization after a time.
-If the system is neither a capital system or is home to a pre-ftl civilization, but is inside an empire’s borders, the Traveler will orbit a random uninhabitable planet and terraform it to the ideal planet class of that empire.
-If the system is outside any empires borders and is not home to a pre-ftl civilization, the Traveler will orbit a random planet and terraform it into a random habitable planet class, with a modifier to boost happiness and habitability.

If none of the above is possible, for instance if there is no uninhabitable planet, the Traveler will move onto the next system.
Only rocky uninhabitable non-moon planets will be terraformable by the Traveler for now.

Future plans (all subject to change):
-A Light vs. Darkness system, allowing empires to choose between serving the light, or becoming a minion of Darkness
-More events involving the Traveler and researching it
-A Hive and SIVA based Crises

-No files are overwritten by this mod, so it should be compatable with most other mods.
-Mods that add new planet classes or star types may cause some problems, such as disappearing stars. The Traveler will also not be able to change planets into any new planet classes. I may take requests to make a compatability mod for specific planet class mods.

-This mod currently only uses models available within the game, therefore the Traveler uses the same model as the Infinity Machine does in Leviathans. This is why the Leviathans DLC is required.
-This mod is VERY incomplete and therefore probably prone to bugs. Please report any bugs you find.
-You can attack the Traveler, but I strongly advise against it as it could break its AI. There is nothing scripted to happen when it is destroyed anyway.
-YOU MUST START A NEW GAME for the event that spawns the traveler to appear. If you are desperate to play on an in-progress save, click on any planet, and use the console command “event traveler.9999” this will spawn the traveler above that planet.

-Broken planets (like the ones that spawn around black holes) may be able to be terraformed, but will appear to remain broken.
-selecting the Traveler’s fleet and zooming in may break graphics, not sure if I can fix this.
-some mods that add new star types may cause the Traveler to make those stars invisible

If you find any bugs please report them.

I am looking for anyone who can make 3D models to help out occasionally. I specifically need a traveler model, much smaller than the Infinity Machine’s model.
I am also looking for a writer to help out with the event text. Knowing Destiny’s lore will help, but it is not mandatory.

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