Wild Run For Karanis (Light) For Stellaris

Wild Run For Karanis (Light) For Stellaris

Wild Run For Karanis (Light) is a small-medium sized galactic map divided into several plateous of systems, with the center plateou being the heart of the galaxy. Within the heart lies a system called Karanis and it is rumored that this system can house entire races, can you find this system before others lay claim to it? This is ofcourse a lighter version of the main map I created, link down below.

This map is meant to be played with Hyperlanes (Hyperdrives) only, however other methods of Space Travel are allowed.

This map is also built as a King of the Hill style of map, where you with several other players are placed on the plateous. You fight other players to lay claim on your plateou then fight your way to the center of the galaxy, can you manage to do this?

Maximum Number of Players: 31
Number of Systems: 1379
Number of Easter Eggs: 4

Fallen Empires cannot be spawned, and this I do not know how it can be Fixed.

Stellaris by Paradox Interactive
Galaxy Generator by Retalyx

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