Better Subjects 2.0 Kennedy Mod

Better Subjects 2.0 Kennedy Mod

This mod adds new types of Subject Empires, policy trees that affect their taxation and/or subsidization, and a new mechanic of Diplomatic Missions.

I did not create this mod; I only updated it for 1.4. The original creator is lpslucasps, who has given me permission to upload my updated version to the Workshop. The original description, minus the planned features part (since I lack the time and skill to further develop this mod), is as follows:

Taxes and Subsidies
Two new policy trees that let you define your relationship with subjects: “Taxation of Subjects” and “Subsidization of Subjects”

Taxation of Subjects:

Don’t Tax Anyone: no changes to Vassals or Protectorates
Tax Vassals: Vassals will become Tributary Vassals and give you 10% of their minerals and credits. They’ll receive a -75 opinion modifier because of this.
Tax Protectorates: Protectorates will become Tributary Protectorates and give you 10% of their minerals and creditys. They’ll receive a -50 opinion modifier because of this.
Tax All Subjects: All subjects, Vassals and Protectorates, will be taxed.
Subsidization of Subjectst:

No Subsidies: no changes to Vassals or Protectorates.
Subsidize Vassals: Vassals will get the “Overlord Subsidies” modifier, granting them a 5% bonus to minerals and credits, and a +100 opinion modifier. You will get a malus to minerals and credits while this policy is active that goes fro 5% to 15%, depending on the number of Vassals you have.
Subsidize Protectorates: Protectorates will get the “Overlord Subsidies” modifier, granting them a 25% research speed bonus to all technologies, and a +100 opinion modifier. You will get a -10% malus to all research outputs while this policy is active.
However, the subsidization of Protectorates can become a bonus. The scientific collaboration between your empire with its subjects will grant you +10 stored research of each type of science per Protectorate monthly. So, if you have enough Protectorates, you can end up with more science than before.
Subsidize All Subjects: Vassals and Protectorates will get the “Overlord Subsidies” modifier, and a +100 opinion modifier. Your research speed, minerals and energy credits will be decreased by 10% while this policy is active.
Diplomatic Missions
Provided you have the Xeno Supremacy tech(note by Arcteyr: since the tech has been removed by paradox the option is available from the start), you will be able to use the Diplomatic Missions Edict. After activating it, you will receive a Diplomatic Ship after a week.

By sending the Diplomatic Ship to your Subjects’ capitals, you can:

Negotiate the end of atrocities (slavery/purging)
Turn them into Marches, a special Subject Empire with a military focus
Exempt them from taxes
Each Subject Empire can receive only one diplomatic mission per year.

More diplomatic missions are in the works. If you have any suggestion or request, please comment!

Marches are a special kind of Subject Empire, with a military focus. They are not affected by our taxation policy, can colonize, can declare offensive wars* and have a large bonus to their military. With so many privilegies, they are also pretty loyal, with an extra +100 opinion modifier towards you.

(*note: you do not automatically join their offensive wars)

All marches receive:

+30% Navy Size
-20% Ship Upkeep
+20% Ship Reparation Speed
+10% Weapons Demange
+10% Ship Interestellar Speed
Marches can be used to create proxy wars. Just turn that ax-crazy fanatical militarist Vassal into a March and watch him destroy your neighbors. But beware: Marches can rapidly increase the Relative Power of Subjects, making all of your subjects hate you. And if a march ever revolt…

You can have at most 3 marches at a time (Fanatic Pacifist: -2, Pacifist: -1, Militarist: +1, Fanatic Militarist: +2). Only Vassals can be turned into Marches, and oly through a Diplomatic Mission.

The AI is not able to use Diplomatic Missions. Unless there’s some way to “teach” the AI how to properly use them, it won’t change.
The AI is not able to create Marches. I do intend to resolve this as soon as possible. Stay tuned!
Empires vassalized after the policy change and protectorates that become vassals will take around 1 month to become Tributary Vassals. Think of this as the time your government needs to implement tax collection on gallactic levels.
Update to 1.4 (Kennedy)
Big update, bringing Diplomatic Missions and Marches to the scene.
Now Tributary Vassals and Tributary Protectorates have custom icons! They’ll be properly shown on diplomatic and contact screens!
In the end, I had to overwrite the commondiplomatic_actions0_actions.txt file after all. Any mod that modifies the same file may cause issues. The patches provided by the Unofficial Asimov Hotfix have already been implemented.
Monthly science from subsidization of Protectorates gone from +20/20/20 to +10/10/10 per Protectorate.
I had to modify the commondiplomatic_actions0_actions.txt file. Any mod that modifies the same file may cause issues. The patches provided by the Unofficial Asimov Hotfix have already been implemented.

This mod should be compatible with games in progress.

Please, comment with suggestions and bug reports! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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