Adv. Custom Empires Pack – Extended First Contact Stellaris

Adv. Custom Empires Pack – Extended First Contact Stellaris

Adv. Custom Empires Pack – Extended First Contact
Adds 21 hand-crafted custom empires, and gives each an extended first contact event.

The extended first contact event fires immediatly after the normal first contact event, and allows you to learn more about each species’ unique personality and history.

The 21 empires are designed to maximize variety in ethics, civics, and AI personalities. With some creative leeway.

This mod makes no changes to gameplay. It is up to date to 1.6.1, and does not make use of any features added in the Utopia expansion (yet).

If you download it, please like/favourite/subscribe. Let me know what you think, and tell me if you catch any bugs or (spelling) errors!

Version 1.3:
This version adds another two new empire, the technocratic Interstellar Union and the plantoid warriors of the Free Tribes. Both are double personality empires: they’re designed to randomly adopt one of two AI personalities. (As opposed to most other ACEP empires, which are designed to always adopt the same AI personality every game.) Their addition, along with the All-seeing Order added already, will add a bit of extra unpredictability to the games.

With these two additions, I’ve completed the planned roster of non-Utopia empires. Eventually I’ll get the Utopia DLC (probably next time it’s on sale), and then there are at least four more empires planned using Utopia features. But until then, the roster is complete. I’ve put a lot of effort in ensuring diversity not just in the writing, but in the AI personalities, government types, FTL methods, the works. I hope it makes playing with these races a complete and satisfying experience!

I’ve got some ideas for additional (flavor-centric) features, if I can get them to work. Of course I’ll also be keeping the mod up to date for the coming patches. And as always, let me know if you spot any (spelling) errors or bugs in the current version!

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who has and is enjoying this. I’m overjoyed that you thought my humble little mod worth your time!

Version 1.2:
This version adds two new empire, the slaving despots of the Hulfir Stellar Magistracy and the harmonious collective of the State of Xania, rounding out the roster so it includes all AI personalities (except hive minds).

A huuge thanks to everyone who commented, rated, and subscribed. I would’ve been happy to share this mod with just a few dozen people, but we already have over 500(!!!) subscribers. Thanks to everyone who’s enjoying it, I hope I made your games that much better!

Version 1.1:
This version added two new empires, the spiritual isolationist Serene Empire of the Qell’Nudar and the spiritual expansionist All-seeing Order. In addition to minor improvements and corrections to the texts, and improving mod compatibility by removing the use of the 00_prescripted_countries.txt.

This update restored the vanilla empires. Instead, for those who want it, I’ve uploaded a new mod that removes all vanilla empires except Earth humans:

Mod Compatability:
It is compatible with any mod that does not change the on_action_events.txt. This should include at least most graphics and non-gameplay mods, and those species mods that do not offer additional functionality (such as this mod’s extended first contact events).

If you wish to use this mod alongside one that does also use the on_action_events.txt file, you can manually make it compatible as follows:

on_action_events.txt – The code used by this mod is at the bottom of the first contact events action.1 and action.100; the ACEP code is clearly marked. Copy the ACEP code to the same place in the other mod’s on_action_events.txt, (inside the after = { } script), make sure to do so for both events. And don’t forget to delete the original ACEP on_action_events.txt or otherwise deactivate it.

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