ZBeautiful Battles Mod

ZBeautiful Battles Mod

This mod improves the battle aesthetics of the game by making changes that
alter the flow and spacing of space battles in Stellaris.

– Updated for Stellaris version 1.6 Adams (7a87)
– NEW YBeautiful Battles Companion MOD!!!!!!
(This companion mod will further improve battle spacing / aesthetics but with more balance
changes then the original ZBeautiful Battles – Users beware)

The following changes were made to improve the overall spacing, flow, visibility and
tactical awareness of battles at a glance ((*****Each file changed is grouped under a
category and labelled by how IMPORTANT and thus OVERWRITABLE they are*****))::::

(*VITAL* – overwriting these will break mod*)
* Ship behavior (Combat CPUs) tweaked by changing collision awareness, prefered
attack range, formation distance and return to formation distance.
-COMMONDEFINESBB_DEFINES.LUA (Should not be overwritable – custom file name)
* Decreased combat_back_off rate for better spacing in close combat.
* Increased Fleet Base Formation Scale by a small amount to space out ships in
pre combat / sublight / lightspeed formation. (Better spacing / Less collision, clipping)
* Increased Ship random height offset by a large amount.
(Better spacing / Less collision, clipping)

(*IMPORTANT* but overwritable – will affect overall quality of mod*)
(All weapon changes here were applied globally to minimize tampering with vanilla balance
and PRIMARILY for aesthetic value)
* Ship COMBAT speed was reduced to allow for less blobbing & more long range
exchange of fire.
* Ship COMBAT rotation speed was reduced to eliminate unrealistic / jittery turning

The above listed changes alter the battle flow and graphics in a pronounced way and
(IMHO) vastly improve the visual quality of battles in Stellaris. With these changes
the following should be experienced:::
– Battles are more 3D now!!!
– Battles are clearer and ships move in less jarring ways.
– Much less clipping of ships and generally more space between ships.

Achievement Compatible :: Not compatible.
Save game Compatible :: Should be compatible but no guarantees.

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