Xeno Fauna For Stellaris

Xeno Fauna For Stellaris

Find and exploit animals on alien worlds.
* This mod DOES NOT require AlphaMod but works fine with it. *

This simple mod adds several planet-based alien animals (strategic resources) for you to discover and exploit.

Here’s how you go about doing that:

1 – Research Xeno Life Studies.
2 – Build a XenoFauna Studies on a planet.
3 – Clear some blockers on that planet.

Depending on local conditions, there’s a very small chance that some interesting xeno fauna will be discovered once a blocker is cleared.

Each type provides a small empire bonus by just having it but you can build unique buildings on the deposit for further bonuses.

There are currently 10 different xeno fauna types to discover. Many more are planned.

Updated 14th Feb 2017

Added 5 more XenoFauna types to find and exploit.
Planet unique buildings used to exploit XenoFauna are now empire unique buildings.
The empire unique building on a XenoFauna deposit provides the majority of the empire modifiers now, not the SR itself.
Added new building, a generic breeding center, that is built adjacent to a XenoFauna deposit.
This increases the SR deposit by 1 once complete.
Further, if there’s no building on the deposit, an additional specialised breeding center is immediately added to the deposit’s tile.
This allows you to exploit any additional instances of a XenoFauna type you are lucky enough to find.
This mod modifies the following vanilla files:

If breeding space-borne creatures is more your thing, please try Gwen’s Domesticated XenoFauna.

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