Twinks Bloodelf Cityscape And Animated Portraits Stellaris

Twinks Bloodelf Cityscape And Animated Portraits Stellaris

Lead the Sin’dorei to Galatic Glory.

Inpired by the “Elves of Stellaris” mod and as a great fan of the Blood Elves i decided to make this mod.

This mod adds only optical features and a prescripted country as Quel’thalas

Unique Bloodelf animated Portraits added as a new selectable species
Unique Bloodelf Ship Set
Unique Bloodelf Cityscape
A unique flag and emblem in gold also visible in golden colour on the map.
ISBS, NSC and RS compability!
More cloth variants and more portraits are planned
For Blood Elf Names i highly recommand this Blood Elf namelist.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have something in your mind. ????

This mods content is not officially affiliated with World of Warcraft or Blizzard Entertainment. Not For commercial Use

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