Super Advanced Governments Mod

Super Advanced Governments Mod

This mod expands the government types, adding third level governments. After researching Galactic Reforms, you will be able to upgrade your government to a super advanced form.

Super Advanced Government Forms
Further enhance your bureaucratic efficiency with third level governments! Every vanilla advanced government now has a super advanced form, with increased effects.

Government Effects Description Ruler Title
Stratocratic Commonwealth +25% Army Damage
-50% Army Upkeep
-40% Military Station Cost
+25% Military Station Damage This government is an extreme form of militaristic democracy, where military prowess determines every political and social decision. Military service is part of the everyday life of the citizens. Military Tribune
Utopic Stratocracy -12% Ship Upkeep
-60% Ship Upgrade Cost
+3 Admiral Skill Levels This government is an extreme form of militaristic oligarchy, where the state and military are one and the same. Polemarch
Martial Ascendancy +25% Navy Size
-25% Ship Cost
+60% Rivalry Influence Gain This government is a extreme form of militaristic autocracy, where every citizen is a soldier and military qualifications the only ones that matter. Imperator Maximus or Imperatrix Maxima
Sacred Republic +12% Happiness
-25% Food Requirement This government is an extreme form of spiritualistic democracy, where state and religion were completely unified. The state religion doesn’t just influence the political structure; it is the political structure. Archpriest or Archpriestess
Divine Aristocracy -40% Resettlement Cost
+50 Leader Age This government is an extreme form of spiritualist oligarchy, where a group of clerical aristocrats are seen as living gods among the people and control every aspect of everyday life. Grand Patriarch or Grand Matriarch
Holy Empire -40% Edict Cost
+40% Edict Length
-25% Ethic Divergence This government is an extreme form of spiritualistic autocracy. The rulers are seen as godly incarnations, and their wishes are unquestionable laws. God Incarnate or Goddess Incarnate
Cyberocratic Plurality +12% Happiness
+40% Leader Experience Gain This government is an extreme form o materialistic democracy, where predictive algorithms and statiscal data correctly determine the votes even before they are cast. Moderator
Cyberutopian Aristocracy +3 Tech Alternatives
+3 Leader Cap This government is an extreme form of materialistic oligarchy, where a comittee of super geniuses control the state with the sole puporse of maximizing scientifical advances. Superintendent
Absolutist Cyberocracy +20% Research Speed
-60% Research Station Cost This government is an extreme form of materialistic autocracy, where thousands concurrent virtual simulations are used to discover the outcome of every political decision and automatically choose the best. Grand Architect
Republican Harmony +3 Leader Pool
+3 Leader Cap
+5 Core Systems This government is an extreme form of pacifistic democracy, where the guiding principle is the search for peaceful harmony between every aspect of life. Premier
Benevolent Aristocracy +15 Core Systems This government is an extreme form of pacifistic oligarchy, where a league of peacekeepers are responsible for every political decision. Guardian of Peace
Benevolent Monarchy -40% Edict Influence Cost
+40% Edict Length
+5 Core Systems This government is an extreme form of pacifistic autocracy, where the ruler is regarded as the paragon of virtue and the only one capable of creating a peaceful galaxy. King of Kings or Queen of Queens
Ultra-utopian Democracy +3 Leader Skill Levels
-40% Leader Influence Cost This government is an extreme form of indirect democracy, where the masses are perfectly represented by the voted officials and there’s no corruption. President
Meritocratic Corporatocracy +12% Energy
+12% Minerals
-60% Mining Station Cost This government is an extreme form of plutocratic oligarchy, where the state is nothing more than a privately owned oligopoly that controls every aspect of life. Chairman
Galactic Empire -40% Building Cost
+25% Slave Output
+25% Food This government is an extreme form of autocracy, where all the power resides over a single, absolute ruler. The extreme bureacratic efficiency has furthered the concentration of power, making all but a few administrative offices irrelevant Supreme Emperor or Supreme Empress
New Policies
Once you rsearch Galactic Rights and Duties (only available if you have an Advanced Government), you will be able to customize your Military Focus, Economic Coordination and Foreign Policy. These policies were inspired by the More Policies Mod, and work like sliders with tradeoffs and benefits that must be eased into gradually. After acquiring a Super Advanced Government, you’ll be able to unlock the Strong and Extreme versions of these policies.

Unfortunately, for the mod to work properly, I had to overwrite some vanilla files. Below is a list of all the files modified:

I’m researching a way to overwrite specific events, instead of whole event files.

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