Stellar Galaxies Mod

Stellar Galaxies Mod

Adds more star density levels selection options to all vanilla sized galaxies. This means that you can have a larger galaxy (solar system wise) without having to have the actual galaxy size bigger. The more systems a galaxy has, the more closely the systems will be placed to each other. I do not recommend playing a galaxy with the highest density level available (since it will be a very clumped up mess of solar systems; pancake style on ellipticals), but i left the option available to those who might enjoy such a thing.

Supports all galaxy shapes!

I will add in Non-Clustered and Open Core support when Paradox allows us to add in our own new galaxy shapes, instead of replacing the vanilla ones. This is for compatibility reasons.

This mod uses custom priority orders for the custom galaxy sizes. The currently reserved range is 130 to 170 (for future possible sizes updates). As long as those priority points are not used by another galaxy generation mod in its size selections, then compatibility is assured.

Future plans:
-Add systems in galactic core option (while still being able to keep the vanilla – no systems in galactic core option)
-this will only be possible once the developers add support for brand new galaxy shape options; without replacing the already existing ones (spiral2, spiral4, ring and elliptical)

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