Starting Traditions For Stellaris

Starting Traditions For Stellaris

Ready for 1.6.1

This mod starts new empires with two free tradition picks.

Playing a game with a group of friends, the question came up of why our empires didn’t start with any traditions after their long development of cuture leading up to becoming a spacefaring empire. Thus, this mod was born.

This mod starts new empires off with 171 unity, exactly enough to pick two traditions at the start of the game. Note that this wont work properly if you have a mod that changes either the unity cost of traditions, or your starting number of pops. It does work with AlphaMod, and with the Mechanist or Syncretic Evolution traits, since both of those keep you at 8 starting pops.

Of note : When used alongside my other mods ‘Removed Tradition Tree Adoption Costs’ or ‘Adjusted Tradition Tree Adoption Costs’, this mod will give you a little more unity than needed for your first two tradition picks, as it is calibrated for use with vanilla tradition costs. (Garrus helped with said calibrations, I’m sure.)

Be aware: Randomly generated AI empires will also make use of the early tradition picks.

After some discussion in the comments, my view on the empires early traditions has changed, as I hadnt thought of civics at the time, but I still enjoy how this mod helps guide you more quickly into the midgame, and provides more earlygame development options.
Thanks to conco and Wildaces22 for the conversation that helped me realise this.

I regret that I dont know wether the mod is achievment compatible or not, and being uninterested in the achievements, i dont have the patience to test it. My apologies for that. Thanks to Pode and IsarusRising for the information regarding this.

If a few people ask me to make a version that takes into account a popular mod that changes the unity cost of traditions, I can probably do a variant for that.

Personally, I use the mods in the Stellaris HR Group Mods, curated by Kida, which any mods I make are designed to fit with. Feel free to give it a try and give us your opinions.

If you like my mod, please rate it up, it really helps out.

Thank you for taking an interest in my mod, and I hope you enjoy your Stellaris with or without it!

Also, if any of you want to hit me up for general chat, a game of stellaris, or something else, add me as a friend and say hello!

Kreldin Foxclaw
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