Multiverse: Solar System Spawner For Stellaris

Multiverse: Solar System Spawner For Stellaris

Stellaris version supported: Adams v1.6.2

Multiverse: Solar System Spawner
New solar systems will start to appear during a game, ready for you to explore. Any solar system from the Vanilla solar system initializers can appear: hostile, miscellaneous and special systems. Custom solar system initiatizers from other mods are not included while solar systems from the Leviathans DLC are if you own and activated the DLC.

What makes this mod different from other mods that spawn solar systems is:

Solar systems are spawned gradually during a game. Each year a new random solar system may appear.
It works with existing saves. No need to start a new game.
It does not change any system initializers. It does not not overwrite any Vanilla files whatsoever.
You will keep discovering new solar systems even a couple hundred years into a game, although they might look pretty familiar by then.
How it works
This mod does not overwrite any Vanilla game files. It’s an event script that might create a random solar system each year. You can set the chance a new solar system will appear using the “Solar System Spawner” policy settings. The default chance is 5% each year (averaging 1 new solar system every 20 years) but you can increase this to 100% (1 new solar system every year) if you wish. The actual chance is somewhat lower because some solar systems may only occur once in a galaxy (limited by Paradox) and the mod will not spawn another solar system immediately if it fails because of that condition.

Galaxy creation
Five new galaxy sizes have been added which are called “Sparse”. They have maximum space for solar systems but contain considerably less solar systems than the Vanilla ones. These are optional and are not needed for this mod to work. These new sizes allow you to maximize the spawn rate of this mod without getting a crowded galaxy.

There’s a country edict with which you can disable the spawning of solar systems. Of course you could also disable the mod to do so permanently. The new solar systems will not disappear.

Should be compatible with any mod.

Mods like Reworked Planetry Diversity that add planets will cause those new planet types to show up in solar systems spawned by this mod.

New solar systems will only have one hyperlane to the nearest neighboring system. A solar system always contains a star or black hole at its center. It may contain hostiles, planets, moons, guardians, primitives or nothing except the star.

The new solar systems may spawn anywhere in the galaxy, but near an existing system. This means that places in the galaxy with a lot of planets might get crowded. You can always disable it temporarily with the country edict “Disable Solar System Spawner” or lower the spawn chance with the policy settings.

I’m not sure if Paradox set any limits for this but the solar systems will probably spawn endlessly. There’s a limit to some solar systems (they are unique and only one may exist in the galaxy), so the chance that new solar systems appear will become somewhat lower the more planets there are in the galaxy. For instance: each Leviathans DLC system will only appear once in the galaxy.

Some named solar systems with unique flags, like for instance Sanctuary, will only spawn when not found in the current galaxy. Several version of the Sol systems can spawn but they’ll all be different. Let’s just say they were part of another dimension and some shift in the Multiverse caused them to appear in our universe.

In a multiplayer game the policy of a random player (who has not disabled spawning using the edict) will be used to determine the spawn chance. If all players except the host disable the mod using the edict only the policy settings of the host will be used.

If you wish to test the event without waiting you can use the following console commands (spawning may fail if the script chose a solar system that already existed and has a limit on the amount of instances it can have):

event solar_system_spawner.1
Spawns 1 solar system based on the chance set in the policy and may take a year before it spawns.

event solar_system_spawner.2
Spawns 1 solar system immediately.

event solar_system_spawner.10
Spawns 10 solar systems immediately.

event solar_system_spawner.100
Spawns 100 solar systems immediately.

event solar_system_spawner.1000
Spawns 1000 solar systems immediately.

This mod will add actual solar systems to your existing game. This cannot be reversed! This will mean that if it has an effect on your gameplay or game performance you cannot do anything except return to an earlier save and disable the mod. The performance impact might be very high in the long run depending on your system.

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