Startertech For Stellaris

Startertech For Stellaris

I just wanted to have a way to start with certain techs, so after reading some guides and looking at other Trait mods, i created this mod.

This mod adds 5 new Traits

Terraformer: Unlocks Terrestrial Sculpting
Gene Tinkerer: Unlocks Gene Tailoring
Colonisation: Unlocks New Worlds Protocol
Robotics: Unlocks Robots
Advanced Weapons: Unlocks Plasma/Torpedo/Autocannon (based on your starting weapon)

You can only have one of them at the same time

Known Problem:
When you pick Colonisation and the game generates another New Worlds Protocol card in your first deck, its called New Worlds Protocol II in there. You cant research it a second time

(also why the heck is steam deleting this text whenever i update the version?!)

Reworked the Events from 7 individual events into 1 conditional. That way i can give more than one tech at gamestart without creating a whole new event for it.

1.3 Updated Namespace for 1.2 (still works with 1.1)

1.4 Added Living Metal (Startertech Specials)

1.5 Added Psionic Theory (Startertech Specials)

1.6 Literally nothing has changed. just updated the version number

Lazerus Artificial
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