Shadow’s Expanded Habitability [Utopia 1.5] Stellaris

Shadow’s Expanded Habitability [Utopia 1.5] Stellaris

Yep, it’s back.

This mod enacts some very powerful changes to colonization.

The addition of Savannah and Alpine worlds broke the symmetry the last version used.

So I remade it, and in remaking it, I decided to just wing it. Utopia didn’t break it, surprisingly.

Planetary preferences are not symmetrical, not even across like planet types. An Ocean-world-preference race will like an Arctic planet (evolved in the sea; swims in the seas under the ice) a lot more than an Arctic-world-preference (evolved on top of the ice; limited to tiny islands) race will like an ocean world.

That having been said…

Even your worst-case scenario with this mod, “Fail,” for a planet which is your polar opposite (Desert and Ocean, for instance,) is a 55% habitability, which is higher than the 20% that Vanilla Stellaris gave you.

If you liked this mod, or even if you didn’t, check my workshop to see my others.

[NOTICE:] No permissions, real or implied, exist for anybody to copy and paste my work and reupload it to the Workshop or to other modding sites under their name, without my explicit prior approval. If you want to modify my mod for your personal use and/or the use of your friends only, you are heartily welcome to do so. If you wish to open up my mod to see how I made my mod to get an idea for how to make yours, you are more than welcome to do so; reverse-engineering is a right enshrined in law.

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