Protoss Namelist For Stellaris

Protoss Namelist For Stellaris

Hi guys, here is a protoss namelist (Version 0.5, will update)
The mod is far from finished, please post suggestions below. Also, I will attempt to mod in the species as well (portraits ‘n stuff)

Obviously it’s ironman compatible. Here are the names:

Aiur Saalok Khalai Nerazim Khala Tal’darim Carbar Nagartan Battarud Sandni Gyeka Naodi Tripa Pa’di Bhaldu Kapar Hatara Upposa

“Alarak” “Aldaris” “Amon” “Artanis” “Clolarion” “Ji’nara” “Kaldalis” “Karass” “Karax” “Lasarra” “Ma’lash” “Mohandar” “Nyon” “Rohana” “Raszagal” “Selendis” “Talandar” “Talis” “Urun” “Vorazun” “Zeratul” “Tassadar” “Aakash” “Aashay” “Abeer” “Taha” “Tamas” “Tejomay” “Qadir” “Qutub” “Jivitesh” “Jaafar” “Faaris” “Fadi” “Falak” “Fanish” “Fateen” “Fakhry” “Girish” “Gopi”

Mining stations:
# Pylon

Research Stations:
# Templar Archive

Wormhole Station:
# Stargate

Terraform Station:
# Shrine

Observation station
# Assimilator

Outpost Station
# Core

Fleet names:
# Archon

Science ship:

Colony ship:


Templars, Zealots, Sentry, Clone Zealots, Stalkers

Generic ship names:
Void Ray, Phoenix, Carrier, Tempest

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