Playable Robots Rework Mod

Playable Robots Rework Mod

Works with Stellaris version 1.6

credit to Delinicous for the original mod and the graphics.
Thanks to user CyberZe for resolving issues with build speed and a semi-rare bug with colony ships.

This is, yet again, a rework of the playable robots. To keep the filestructure cleaner, this mod contains *only* the actual playable robots implementation.

Features: Can pick from organic, mindless synthetics, or “smart” synthetics at game start.
Pops are quietly improved every time you complete a robotics technology.

If you want to play a hivemind robot empire, I recommend making a ‘normal’ species and choosing the mindless synthetics option, as this has most of the same features.

Known Problems: Pops are pretty expensive. I can’t fix that without changing base game files. Additionally, expect awkwardness and/or crashes if you try to complete the synthetic ascension path as a robotic empire.
Armies will not inherit species modifiers, so don’t bother giving your synthetic empire the bonus army damage trait.

Compatibility: This modifies no vanilla files. Yep, none of them.
It does conflict with Synthetic Evolution Enhanced and will likely conflict with other synthetic evolution mods, insofar as those mods may mess with this mod’s functionality.

if you want to convert an existing save, run in console
event SlyBots.0001
for each robot tech you have, run one of the following (if you have all three, run all three)
event SlyBots.0011
event SlyBots.0012
event SlyBots.0013

Fred the Destroyer, CyberZe
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