Alien Suns: Babel Fish Stellaris

Alien Suns: Babel Fish Stellaris

May 13: Updated for Adams 1.6.1
May 9: Updated for Adams 1.6.0

Updated for Banks/Utopia 1.5.1

Includes 30 unique, randomly generated namelists based off a small program that I wrote.

Each namelist includes more than 5000 names:
– 5 Empire / Species name based off of each namelist.
– 1000 unique generic ship names
– 500 unique Corvet, Destroyer, Cruiser and Battleship names each.
– 100 unique Science Ship names
– 100 unique Colonizer Ship name
– 100 unique Construction Ship names
– Unique sequential station names
– 100 unique fleet names
– Unique sequential fleet names
– Unique sequential army names
– 1000 unique Character names
– 200 unique Character First names
– 200 unique FEMALE Character First names
– 200 unique MALE Character First names
– 200 unique Character Last names
– 50 unique Regional Character First names
– 50 unique Regional Character Last names

For a total of more than 5000 names per list.

I tried to give hints of cultural flavor to each namelist.

On some namelists, Regional names have been styled as a title; “Speaker Umoiuca,” “High Priest Jamnomcug,” and etc.

Certain name lists will use prefixes or suffixes. Others use gender identification.

A couple of lists use unique characters to designate the “Click-consonant.” Wikipedia link[ https]. Because there’s a small issue with Stellaris recognizing certain characters, I have substituted the traditional click character for ones that I felt would work.

These are:
The Alveolar Click, traditionally represented by an exclamation point. No change for this one.

The Palatal Click, represented by the ǂ symbol. This has been changed to the “Thorn” symbol: þ

The Bilabial Click, represented by the ʘ symbol. This has been changed to the currency sign: ¤

DISCLAIMER: As these namelists were generated using a small program I wrote, occasionally “real” words crop up. I have seen “dog,” “car,” “door” for example. I am sure there are others. It is entirely possible that swear words (in English, or other languages) have been generated. If so, my apologies. If you find something, just let me know which namelist you are using, and I’ll edit it out.

Lastly, as I wrote a program for this, I will periodically update the list with more namelists. My goal is about 100 or so.

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