Planetary Computer Mod

Planetary Computer Mod

This mod adds a new planet class, a Planetary Computer.

This Planet Class is a specialist class that costs the same to terraform to as a Gaia class planet. It requires two technologies to unlock the terraforming. This planet requires Sentient AI, Atmospheric Manipulation and Power Station 3 technologies to fully unlock the prerequisite technologies. It is a huge computer driven by a Sentient AI to tackle the galaxies biggest computational problems. It also boosts the research output of surface buildings significantly.

Planetary Computer
Growth Time +100%
Building Cost -25%
Food -100%
Minerals -100%
Energy Credits +200%
Physics Output +250%
Society Output +250%
Engineering Output +250%
Monthly Influence +1
Adds Planetery Computer planet
Adds Planetary Computer Creation technology
Adds Geological Annihilation technology
More specialist planet classes, perhaps added in a separate mod
Other mods:
More Tilesets
Better Night Lights
Terraformed Sol Start
All Enigmatic technologies
Note: The preview image has the Planetary Computer modifier shown, the Habitability setting was removed. Also, I haven’t tested the balancing much so those figures are subject to change. The goal is to simulate a barren planet with no atmosphere, but still habitable enough to colonise with droids. I’m looking into issues with surface resources and other modifiers.

This mod makes no changes to any vanilla files, only additions. Let me know if you encounter any incompatibilities.

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