Overloaded Ship Sections Mod

Overloaded Ship Sections Mod

OVERLOADED SHIP SECTIONS – Updated for Version 1.5
Version: 1.5.*


This mod is designed to provide some additional ship sections
using existing ship classes. Inspired by other excellent
ship mods on the workshop, but done within the existing ship
framework provided by the game designers.

Made a number of modifications with the goal of adjusting the
balance of the various ship types. In general, there are
slightly less augment slots and more room to equip standard
shields/armor/power etc.

Removed the Auxiliary Cruiser – it’s purpose was to utilize
special aura augments however scripting limitations were
unable to be overcome.

Removed the strike carrier in order to be able to consolidate
and re-balance the battleship sections. it would have been made


The AI will use these sections depending on if it is aggressive
or defensive in nature – once it has done all of the required

Aggressive AI:
Heavy Cruiser
Screen Destroyer
Attack Corvette

Defensive AI:
Advanced Battleship
Escort Carrier
Heavy Destroyer
Torpedo Corvette

Available Ship Sections: Battleship

Fleet Carrier:
A carrier style ship capable of carrying a lot of fighters
into battle. Relies on a combination of weapons and fighters
to do damage.

Advanced Battleship
Better potential damage, but less ability to fight at range.
Uses a combination of long range weapons and torpedos.

Big guns, long range. =)

Available Ship Sections: Cruisers

Heavy Cruiser:
Heavier armament, but falls short of a battleship. Meant to
augment fleet strength as a ship of the line. Will be equipped
with weaponry geared toward larger ships.

Torpedo Cruiser:
An offensive ship meant to move outside the cone of fire of
large weapons and flank enemy capital ships. Also possesses
small sized weapons to deal with intercepting corvettes.

Escort Cruiser:
Meant as a screen to guard capital ships to act as protection.
Will have weaponry meant to target ships its own size and smaller.

Available Ship Sections: Destroyers

Advanced Heavy Destroyer:
Meant to go up against cruisers in numbers, they have medium and
small weapons. You have to choose to equip flak weapons if you
want PD capability.

Advanced Screen Destroyer:
This is meant to attack and engage destroyers and smaller.
Equipped with PD weapons also.

Available Ship Sections: Corvettes

Advanced Intercept Corvette:
Extra small weapons, meant to attack other corvettes and jump on
wounded targets. Also has a PD weapon.

Advanced Torpedo Corvette:
Meant to attack capital ships with numbers, they are equipped with
torpedoes and small weapons.

Available Ship Sections: Small, Medium, and Large Stations

Anti-Corvette Sections: Weaponry best used to counter corvette and
destroyer types.

Anti-Cruiser Sections: Weaponry best used to counter destroyer and
cruiser types.

Anti-Capital Sections: Weaponry best against battleships.

Advanced Strike Wing Section: Extended Hangers.

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