Novio Magnum: Citadel Stellaris

Novio Magnum: Citadel Stellaris

Stellaris version supported: v1.4.1
Release note: this mod includes all features (some have been upgraded) of the Novio Magnum mod. It’s not compatible with save games from the vanilla game or the Novio Magnum mod.

Novio Magnum: Citadel
This mod’s main focus is on extending the space combat gameplay by increasing the amount of military spaceships and the defensive capabilities of stations. All ships and stations have a built-in reactor core which provides some power, a sensor station which tracks incoming spaceships and, if it has weapons, a combat computer which manages targeting.

Six new military spaceships and one new military station have been added. There are now ten military spaceships and four military stations. Spaceports and all other civilian stations in the game have been weaponized and upgraded. The Spaceport, Frontier Outpost and Citadel are capable of using extra large weapons, which have been modified to properly target all new ships and stations.

All ships and military stations have working turrets and are balanced so that they compliment the existing ships as much as possible. This mod contains no new models but will instead show enlarged or composite versions of existing models. The AI can and will use all ships and stations.

You can build a lot more outposts as the influence maintenance costs have been reduced to one tenth of an influence point. The AI will make aggressive use of frontier outposts and colonizing so you can expect them to grab any free space they can find pretty efficiently.

Auras have been modified: all stations have one offensive and one defensive aura. Carrier class vessels have a defensive aura. Titan class vessels have an offensive aura. Defensive auras also reduce upkeep slightly. Auras don’t have any visual effects associated with them anymore, except the minefield aura for stations which will display skulls around it.

Fleet spacing has been rebalanced with the larger spaceships in mind. The amount of graphic effects and the amount of zoom steps have been increased to allow for a more immersive battle experience. The AI will use more varied weapons which will result in more diverse battles. Ship and station behavior has been changed with focus on fleet based combat.

The base of the war score costs have been halved so its now much easier to win or lose big. Countries can be subjugated when hostile: this will speed up the mid game as small countries will surrender to bigger countries, even when previously attacked by them, without the need for a war. Subject integration is cheaper and it’s now possible to integrate multiple vassals at the same time.

The pirate events have been buffed to pose a threat against the stations now that they can defend themselves. A large pirate fleet will harass you as soon as you progress beyond your starting position. The AI has the same problem so don’t despair when you lose some stations. Hint: build defensive stations!

Warning: Although this mod can be used with existing saves, all changed game objects will be ‘corrupt’ until upgraded. This will result in ineffective fleets and stations until you or the AI upgrades them. The most effective way to update all the spaceports and civilian stations is to enable the ‘generate automatic designs’ option in the ship designer. This will immediately update all designs which you can’t design manually. When a new research is finished featuring upgrades for stations or ships this will happen automatically. There is no way to force the AI to upgrade its designs.

Military spaceships
Ship classes:
Corvette: the smallest ship there is. Has only one ship section. Focus on evasion and combat speed.
Frigate: a larger variant of the Corvette. Can equip larger weapons but is more costly and slower. Focus on combat speed and evasion.
Destroyer: a small ship made to hunt Corvettes and other Destroyers. Has two sections instead of one. Focus on tracking and evasion.
Escort: a larger variant of the Destroyer. Can equip larger weapons than the destroyer. Focus on evasion and tracking.
Cruiser: a medium ship with three sections. Focus on accuracy and fire rate.
Battlecruiser: a larger variant of the Cruiser with bigger weapons. Focus on fire rate and accuracy.
Battleship: a capital ship with the possibility for an extra large weapon on the bow. Focus on weapon damage and fire rate.
Dreadnought: a larger variant of the Battleship with the possibility for two extra large weapons on the bow. Focus on fire rate and weapon damage.
Carrier: a very large capital ship with four sections. Can have a lot of hangar bays. Has the possibility for an extra large weapon on the bow. This ship is two times as powerful as a Battleship. Focus on weapon range and weapon damage. This ship can have defensive auras.
Titan: a massive capital ship with five sections. Has the possibility for two extra large weapons on the bow. Very slow but well armored. This ship is three times as powerful as a Battleship. Focus on weapon damage and weapon range. This ship can have offensive auras.
New technologies have been added for the largest two ships. The other ships have been integrated with the existing technologies. Every 11 years a new ship technology will become available for research.
Ship behaviors have been changed to allow for more fleet based combat. Ship behaviour is oriented towards aesthetics and not performance so battles should be intense and fast. The combat computers have been upgraded to allow for more differences between ships and better bonuses.
The assembly yards have been modified to support the new ship classes. A new assembly yard was added for Carriers and Titans. The AI will use assembly yards now. An assembly yard now supports all ships of that type and smaller. So the largest and most expensive assembly yard decreases build time and reduces build costs for all ships.
Every ship comes with a built-in reactor which will supply power to the ship and gives a bonus to shield hitpoints when upgraded to better versions.
Military stations
A new military station, twice as powerful as the fortress, has been added: the Citadel. It can equip up to 8 extra large weapons.
All stations now have a built-in reactor and increased health and fire power. Each station section has at least one hangar bay. Every station has 6 section templates.
The build costs and maintenance costs of military stations are halved when build.
Civilian stations
Added defensive capabilities to all stations. They have a built-in reactor and (more) weapons. Frontier Outposts and Spaceports can use extra large weapons.
Frontier outposts have reduced influence maintenance. You can now build ten times as many outposts for the same influence reduction. The AI will build a lot more frontier outposts and they’ll do landgrabs so make sure you destroy them when you go to war.
Upgrading is now faster and less expensive.
Enabled colonizing systems further away from the border and for a bigger influence cost for the AI.
New ruler traits for reduced costs of the new combat ships and the citadel.
The fleet power calculation has been modified to improve balance.
The fleet capacity has been doubled to properly support Frigates.
A new sector type was added which enables sectors to build military ships. These ships will join fleets with rally points set. You can’t directly order them unless they have joined one of your existing fleets or you disbanded the sector. You can delete them using the “Delete” button. You don’t pay maintenance for them until they are under your control.

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