Ninja’s Skybox Color Changer Mod

Ninja’s Skybox Color Changer Mod

Are you tired of the startlingly yellow view from the Imperial capital? Do you wish that your black hole station didn’t look like it was surrounded by dirty sheets? Do you think that all your nebulae would look better if someone changed their colors to something more sensible?

If so, this is the mod for you!

Ninja’s Skybox Color Changer is intended to make the game prettier while still using the vanilla randomly generated skybox system. Most visibly, this takes the form of color correction in the background itself; the color of the clouds is no longer the same as the color of the star; it is, instead, a vibrant (though darker than vanilla) mixture of blues, greens, and pinks that varies slightly by the color of the star. Additionally, it changes the lighting on ships and planets; without going into the technical details, surfaces not lit by the glow of a star will be more dimly lit by color of the skybox, while surfaces facing the star will be properly lit in that star’s color. The result is, in my humble opinion, the best, most majestic view of space Stellaris has ever had.

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