More Technologies For Stellaris

More Technologies For Stellaris

115 New technologies (with more to come)

  • New Physics, Society, and Engineering techs included.
  • Several new rare techs.
  • Techs balanced with cost and reward kept in mind; nothing should be dramatically overpowered.

Ability to terraform extreme planets

  • Terraform and live on Mars, Venus, and Luna
  • Terraform these planets into regular ones at immense time and energy costs
  • More info in the Terraforming Guide picture

Caste System

  • Specialize your pops into distinct castes that provide their own benefits and drawbacks
  • Make your species the leader caste, and use it to keep the other castes in line
  • Use adjacency buildings to segregate pops by districts or by entire planets
  • More info in the Caste System Guide picture

Additional wargoals

  • Fight to force your enemy to change many of their policies depending on your ethos
  • Force your enemies to become democratic
  • Steal minerals, credits, or technology from your enemies
  • Force your enemy to abandon planets border planets
  • Humiliate your enemies to reduce their influence and happiness
  • Break apart federations or alliance blocs by forcing enemies into your Sphere of Influence
  • Militarist empires can use the extremely infamous Supremacy wargoal to conquer an entire nation in one war, regardless of size
  • Militarist and Xenophobe empires can use the extremely infamous Xenoplague wargoal to completely kill all organic life in an enemy empire

Reform Policies

  • Three new policies allow you to further reform your empire
  • Emphasize things such as high-quality ships, imperial centralization, and technological progress
  • Work similar to sliders in EU3 with tradeoffs and benefits
  • Must be eased into gradually: it would take at least 60 years to go from one extreme to the other
  • Cost of policies increases the further away from the center you go –> being on the extremes isn’t necessarily the best choice
  • However, the extremes have special bonuses symbolizing total commitment
  • See the Reform Policies Guide picture for more information

Build and repair Ringworlds

  • Must first research Living Metal (which can only be researched by first surveying a ringworld)
  • Research the 4 techs necessary, then build a Ringworld Constructor for 20,000 minerals (constructor listed under military stations)


  • English
  • French (up to R7)
  • Spanish (up to R6)
  • Russian (up to R6)
  • Know how to translate? Volunteer and get listed as a co-contributor! (comment and send me a friend request)

Compatibility: I’ve gone to great lengths to keep this mod compatible with others by choosing to add new files instead of changing the base ones. I’m proud to announce that none of the base files are overwritten! The only mods this might be incompatible with are ones that it incorporates (like Colonize Unlimited)

-Landry27 — localisation in French up to R7
-Jormarn — Novelwargoals
-Nimbian — Caste System design and light coding support
-TehT — Advanced Buildings
-neusaap — Colonize Unlimited
-8igualdos0s — Partial Spanish localisation
-Titan_Bigdick — Russian Localisation
-mastech — Expanded War Goals
-Aru — Ringworld Construction

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