FUCHS Unique Species Stellaris

FUCHS Unique Species Stellaris

Current version: 2.2
compatible to 1.0.x & 1.1.0
Greetings everyone,

I like to see each species in universe is diverse, fun and a bit of MoO-ish. Then I made this mod.

This mod works well with Playable Robots and playable invaders. I recommand to apply these mods for better experience.

Four theme was designed at second release, Machine Species, Silicoid Species, Pure Organic Species, and Chimera Society.. I use Traits to implement this idea. Various enhancement traits are also supported these 4 theme. Effects of Enhancement traits are dynamic and determined by your species. For example, a Silicoid with Crystal Armor trait has additional Crystal Armor II technology and ordinary species will get lesser effect.

Patch Clarke made pure ROBOT sector possible[forum.paradoxplaza.com], and all machine species build buildable POP instead of growing POP now.
Here is the description….I would be happy to add more and any suggestion is welcome. ????

Changelog of V2.2
. All machine species start with a lv 5 powerplant; buildable POP autogrowth much faster.
. Correct Nanonite to Nanite (trubute to mr_Creepssss)
. Add traits Telepathy, Trransdimension (tribute to MoO2)
. Minor balances
. Icon graphy fix

Changelog of V2
. All machine species build POP rather than grow POP; add 3 machine subspecies
. Add pure organic race, aka Wraith (tribute to Stargate)
. Add Chimera society -mix with 4 different species at start. Three of the 4 species have random traits.
. Traits balance
. Add some flavor traits

Species Traits, Society Traits
Machine Species now divided in to 3 subspecies: Mining Droids/ Battle Droids/ Synthetics
all 3 subspecies use buildable POPs
Other traits doesn’t work with machine species traits
Start with 1 level 5 power plant for better experience and balance
. No Food, need to build POP, consume 1 energy per POP
. +100% habitability; -90% sociology
○ Species: Engineers
Excellent in mining with unlimited potential.
. +25% tile minerals
. 4 repeatable planetary core mining technologies!!!

4 repeatable planetary core mining technologies (Hydraulic Drill, Superalloy Casting, Mining Laser, Zero Point Module) could increased your minerals output indefinitely. Research them if you need more minerals.

○ Species: Legionnaires
Excellent in droid production, ground combat and fleet command.
. +1 tile minerals
. cheap buildable POP, no leader influence cost, no Army cost.

○ Species: Synthetics
Sentient machines have full research capability.
Identical to origin Synthetics. I made some modification for better flavor.
. +1 tile minerals
. +1 engineering, +1 Physics
. +90% sociology

The Synthetics will not rebel.
○ Species: Silicoid (tribute to Master of Orion)
Silicoid is silicon-based lifeform. They grow slow but are adaptive to all kinds of environments
. Could colonized all kinds of worlds. (give techs to workaround)
. 100% habilitation + superior environment tolerance
. slow population growth and slow in colonization

○ Species: Wraith (tribute to Stargate)
Almost their ship, weapon are organic.
Wraith species consume lump of food and they harvest/enslave other species to meet their need. Wraiths are biological advanced and their ships are Bioship.
. Food requirement: +200%
. Slave +100% food; start with additional 3 Enthralled Human
. +100% research in Biology

Enslave 3 Enthralled human at start and use them to generate food. Sent slaves to colonize first and sent master race later.

○ Society: Chimera (tribute to mr_Creepssss)
Your homeworld is a multi-species dewelling planet! This is the perfect place to test your wisdom!
. Free Xeno Pet technology
. Three random traited species appeared in your homeworld!

3 randomized race is too random to tell a ueful strategy; improvise!

Species Enhancement Traits
Wraith Species/ Other Species
○ Ship Regeneration
. Other Species: +25% Ship Shield HP
. Wraith Species: +50% Monthly Hull Regeneration

○ Tech: Bio-Neural Circuits
. Other Species: +20% Ship DMG
. Wraith Species: +30% Ship DMG

○ Gene Modifications
. Free Tech Gene Tailoring
. Other Species: +4 Trait Points
. Wraith Species: +6 Trait Points

○ Dedicated Researchers
. Other Species: Tier I labs are available
. Wraith Species: Biolab III and Cloning are available

○ Bioship
Less energy and minerals needed to maintain Bioships
. Other Species: -20% Ship Upkeep
. Wraith Species: -30% Ship Upkeep.

Species Enhancement Traits
Silicoid Species/ Other Species
○ Plantation
. Other Species: +1 Food
. Silicoid Species: +2 Food

○ Refining
. Other Species: +1 Minerals
. Silicoid Species: +2 Minerals

○ Amplification
. Other Species: +1 Energy
. Silicoid Species: +2 Energy

○ Crystal Armor
. Other Species: +10% Ship HP, Crystal Armor I
. Silicoid Species:+20% Ship HP, Crystal Armor II

○ Crystal Weapon
. Other Species: +10% Ship HP, Blue Crystal Weapon
. Silicoid Species: +20% Ship HP, Green Crystal Weapon

Other Flavors traits
○ Cyborg
Cyborgs are half machine, half fresh. Cyborg need both minerals and food to sustain basic function. Cyborgs are strong and have long lifespan thanks to replacable parts.

. Food requirement -25% and -1 minerals
. lifespan +100
. +100% army DMG

○ Nanites
Nanite is known as self-assembly and adaptivity. Nanonites could build buildings and ships in seconds and upgrade vessels freely to adapt any battle situation

. Build ship, building, army instantly
. upgrade at no cost

○ Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality makes people more happy at cost of ethnic shift.
. +10% POP happiness
. +30% ethnic shift

○ Ablative Armor
Ablative Armor strengthen ship hull at cost of energy and minerals. No effect on Machines.
. +20% ship HP
. -1 tile energy, -1 tile minerals

○ Telepathy (tribute to Master of Orion 2)
Telepathy race could sense everything in this galaxy.nWARNING: LAG WILL BE VERY LIKELY IN LOW END DEVICE!!
. Map unveiled

○ Transdimension (tribute to Master of Orion 2)
Transdimension could warp the reality to speed up their vessels.
. Know 3 types of FTL
. Know Hyperline.
. +1000% ship speed
. No emergency FTL cooldown

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