Fallen Empires Expanded v1.4 Mod

Fallen Empires Expanded v1.4 Mod

A new update is in development:
UPDATE 1.5 development log, please read for more information.

Version 1.4 for Stellaris 1.6 “Adams”
Fallen Empires are ancient, stagnating but extremely powerful empires, fully developed at the start of the game. They serve as late-game adversaries and can be allies or opponents of the end-game crisis, War in Heavens.

– Fallen Empires, Stellaris Wiki
Fallen Empires Expanded improves upon the current state of fallen empires in Stellaris 1.6 “Adams”.

By adding new personalities types and attributes, this mod works to breath more diversity and character into fallen empires. More varieties of fallen empires will spawn along with their unique homewords and ethos-related colonies.

Due to the vast size of galaxies in Stellaris, it may take you a lengthy time to experience what this mod has to offer.

A new save game will be required to experience the best of Fallen Empire Expanded.

◢ Increase max # of Fallen Empires
Unmodded Stellaris can only support up to four fallen empires, even on largest galaxy presets.
Fallen Empires Expanded fixes this issue, overriding the artificial fallen empire limit. You can have up to 10 different fallen empires in one galaxy.
Enough to satisfy the staunchest of masochists.
◢ No Clustered Start
Fallen Empires Expanded is fully integrated with No Clustered Start with new galaxy options to utilize this feature. You can now play with 8+ fallen empires without the worry of being subjected to a galactic ぶっかけ from fallen empires spawned beside you!
No Clustered Start, created by Taw, works by spreading out the placement of empires uniformly throughout the galaxy. This is done through changes the default spawning parameters in Stellaris.
Note: No compatibility issues will arise if both FEE and No Clustered Starts are subscribed.
◢ New Ethos for Fallen Empire
Additional ethics variants for fallen empires, each with its unique traits.

Fanatic Militarists
Hive Minds – (Implementation in-progress, Update 1.5)
Fanatic Pacifists – (Implementation in-progress, Update 1.6)
Materialist/Militarists – (Implementation in-progress, Update 1.6)
◢ New Unique Fallen Empires
Prescripted fallen empires with predetermined ethos, species, and/or personalities.

Terran Coalition – Earth-based Xenophile Human FE
Sol Imperium – Mars-based Alien Xenophobic FE
◢ New Subject types of Fallen Empires
The more slaves the merrier.

Puppet States – Proxy expansionist empire for fanatic militarist FEs
◢ New Fallen Empire Homeworlds
Handcrafted homewords for fallen empires, each with its own narrative.

Celestial Dynamo – Materialists
Eternal Citadel – Xenophobes
Ethereal Bastion – Xenophiles
Empyral Sanctuary – Spiritualists
Earth – Xenophiles
Terran Wasteland – Xenophobes
Undying Fortress – Militarists
Geodosis – (Implementation in-progress, Update 1.4)
Arcadia – (TBD)
Note: All FE Homeworlds can now be chosen as player starting systems.
◢ New Ethos Unique Systems
Special ethos-specific systems with specialties and rewards for those who captures them.

Necropolis of the Xenos
Antiquarian Tomb
Ancient Manufactory
Elysian Shrine
◢ New Star Systems for Fallen Empires
Unique celestial formations unlike anything seen in Stellaris

Binary Stars – Two stars orbiting one another, each having their own family of planets
Brown Dwarfs – A supermassive gas giant with a plethora of orbiting planets
Trinary Stars – Three stars; two sharing a barycenter while orbiting the third, larger star
◢ New Conditional Spawn system
Are you concerned of a Commonwealth of Man, United Nations of Earth, and now the addition of a fallen human empire breaking your immersion?
Fallen Empire Expanded pre-emptively checks the existence of Earth-based human empires (CoM or UNE) before spawning in a human fallen empire.
There will only be one Sol in your galaxy.

Fallen Empire Expanded will be continuously updated and supported.
• Guaranteed mod support for Stellaris 1.6 “Adams” at release
• Continuous mod updates with new features

Past Mod Updates
UPDATE 1.3 – December 31st, 2016

UPDATE 1.2 – December 22nd, 2016

UPDATE 1.1 – December 13th, 2016

RELEASE 1.0 – December 9th, 2016

Fallen Empire Expanded is designed with mod compatibility in mind.
Design Philosophy of Fallen Empires Expanded
Fallen Empires Expanded is designed with maximum compatibility with other mods in mind.

This mod…

Does not replace vanilla Stellaris files in any way
Does not modify entries or values in vanilla Stellaris files
Does not interfere or conflict with files added by other mods
What is changed? – Direct replacement/alteration of vanilla files

What is added? – New files added by this mod

What is overridden? – Event IDs overriden by this mod to activate mod-added events

Compatibility with other mods
Fallen Empires Expanded adds new entries on new files rather than overwriting or replacing existing files; that being said, this mod is far more likely to break from conflicts with other mods rather than cause mod conflicts.

This is the unfortunate consequence of some mods that replaces entire files and folders, with complete disregard of overwriting, to make minor edits and changes.

Fallen Empires Expanded will not cause conflicts with other mods; however, other mods may cause problems for this mod.

Surfacerunner, Scarecrow
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