Even More Traits For Stellaris

Even More Traits For Stellaris

Some traits that I have made for my own playthrough that I thought I would release on the workshop, because why not?

Traits included so far:
-Martial: +15% militarist ethics attraction
-Calm: +15% pacifist ethics attraction
-Suspicious: +15% xenophobe ethics attraction
-Curious: +15% xenophile ethics attraction
-Religious: +15% spiritualist ethics attraction
-Secular: +15% materialist ethics attraction
-Imperious: +15% authoritarian ethics attraction
-Individualist: +15% egalitarian ethics attraction
-Adorable: +5% other species happiness, -40% army morale damage
-Terrifying: -5% other species happiness, +40% army morale damage
-Accelerated: +20% growth speed, +50% leader exp gain, -20 years to lifespan
-Natural Leaders: -33% leader recruitment cost
-Reluctant: +33% leader recruitment cost
-Cultured: +20% unity production
-Unrefined: -20% unity production
-Temperate: -33% food consumption
-Insatiable: +33% food consumption
-Natural Warriors: +25% army damage, +25% army morale, +1 general skill, +1 admiral skill
-Feeble Warriors: -25% army damage, -25% army morale
-Genetic Memory: +2 leader skill level
-Electrogenic: Each pop produces .25 energy
-Metallic: Each pop produces .30 minerals, army health +30%
-Photosynthetic*: Pops no longer consume food, each pop has 1 energy maintenance
-Lithovore*: Pops no longer consume food, each pop has 1 mineral maintenance
*Food surplus still increases population growth speed. I’ll see what I can do to get rid of this in the future.

To do:
-Create an event for species with Photosynthetic and Lithovore to replace food production buildings with energy/mineral production at the start of the game, as well as fix the cluttering of the tile production screen.
-More traits
-Engineered evolution ascendency traits

Have an idea for a trait you want me to try and add? Think a trait is over/under powered or should cost more/less? Let me know!

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