Diplomatic Annexation Mod

Diplomatic Annexation Mod

Hi guys, I’m doing this mod and I need help. It is not yet complete and properly tested.

– Alternative to infiltration mission, annexing a planet of a pre-FTL specie through diplomatic means. It differs from infiltration mission in the costs involved, because it is of longer duration and because it gives some autonomy to the annexed planet.

– Pre-FTL becomes part of the empire as an sector [implemented] with its own leader. [not implemented] – Capital planet of the sector has a modifier “Sector Capital”. [not implemented] – If the planet is removed from the sector there will be conquest and leadership penalty. [not implemented] Enabled only if:
– Slavery is prohibited.
– Enlightment allowed.
– Opinion of the pre-FTL is positive with respect to the empire. [not implemented] – Pre-FTL is in Industrial Age or high.
Monthly costs:
– 1 Influence.
– 4 Social research.
– 3 Energy.

What this mod currently does:
– The final effect is the same as the infiltration mission (annexation of the planet, since I simply adapted the code of it) and its conversion into the capital of a new sector.

What needs to be done (without priority order):
1 – A code that automatically create a sector [SOLVED] (if possible, according to the limit of sectors) to the planet.
2 – A leader of the native species in the sector that is not part of the leather pool and can not be removed
3 – Happiness penalty if the planet is removed from its original sector.
4 – Create a planet modifier “Sector Capital”.
5 – Code to impose the opinion condition.
6 – Custom button.
7 – Fix the problems with the .yml file in the folder “localization”, descriptions and titles do not appear in the game. [SOLVED – UTF8 BOM] 8 – Improve the English text in the .yml file (not my native language).
9 – Add events. (Currently added: 1)

– Compatibility with other observation mission mods is limited by the number of slots available in the observation station window.
– Depending on the characteristics of your empire and the tech age of the pre-FTL species, you can have all the enabled missions visible or not.

NOTE: Do not use the mission if the pre-FTL planet is in your home system, the game will crash.

NOTE2: This mod is already add in the Imperial Rountine mod.

Obs: Feel free to send suggestions, help with codes, correct texts in English or change how you want this mod. If you send complete code snippets, ready to be included in the mod, I will refer to you as a contributor. ????

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