Colonize Unlimited© Stellaris

Colonize Unlimited© Stellaris

What is Colonize Unlimited©
Colonize Unlimited© is designed to allow the player greater freedom in their colonization, especially mid-to-late game. Instead of being limited to planets that already house life, with Colonize Unlimited© one will be able to colonize every planet, provided they have toasters (aka robots).

One can, however, raise the habitability of your newly colonized harsh planet:

By researching and/or building +habitability technologies and/or buildings
By terraforming (Non-gas based planets)
Tile system for Gas giants, barren, molten, frozen or otherwise uninhabitable planets
Ability to colonize all planets in the game.
Ability to raise the habitability of the aforementioned planets through specialized buildings.
A revolutionary new terraforming system following the paths of the following image:

A new set of terraforming resources based on the basic ingredients of life: (Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon, Carbon dioxide and water)
Removed the forced graphics of various solar system components, so that their look will update when terraformed. Can be manually disabled (see GitHub[] for details.)
Colonize Unlimited is incompatible with everything that changes the same files. Therefore testing may be in order.
See GitHub[] for the exact files we changed.

Dosaki, Thomahawk2k
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