Civic Redux For Stellaris

Civic Redux For Stellaris

Civic Redux adds in 49 new government Civics to choose from. These Civics can provide passive bonuses – similar to many of the vanilla Civics – or Game Start civics that give an immediate effect at the start of the game, such as Syncretic Evolution.
The AI will be allowed to pick these Civics at the start of the game, and can reform to add/remove them at will, if possible.

Dark Influence is a unique Civic, which provides a lot of bonuses at the start of the game. However, this power comes at a cost.
Every Planet you own, through either conquest or colonisation, is marked by the Dark Ones. They are largely passive, but will regularly require a sacrifice. If you give them a sacrifice (through a free Planetary Edict) they will provide bonuses on the planet for a short while. If you ignore them, they will repay their dues another way.
You will be notified when the Dark Ones are close to attacking, and countries not under Dark Influence can purge them from the planet.

Some of the Civics in this mod require either the Leviathans or the Utopia DLC packs. These restricted Civics are for either immersion or gameplay reasons:

Big Game Hunters – Requires Leviathans – I imagine Big Game Hunters being very interested in hunting Guardians down, so having them appear if there are none that can spawn (no Leviathans) doesn’t make sense for me.
Artisan’s Cache/Curator’s Cache/Trader’s Cache – Requires Leviathans – Tied in with the different Enclaves, which do not spawn if you don’t have Leviathans.
Divine Transcendence – Requires Utopia – Dependent on Ascension Perks, which are unavailable outside of Utopia.
Hive Mind Civics – Hive Minds require Utopia to play as.
Some data from Vanilla Files was taken and used to improve Civic Redux. The full files were not used. However, be aware that data changed in the base files may make the mod unstable with other mods.

00_buildings – Compat for Industrial Idyll, Commercial Idyll + Technological Idyll
00_civics – Make Agrarian Idyll incompat with above
00_policies – Allow Destructive Tendencies to use Armageddon/Peacekeeping Interventionists to use Liberation Wars
00_scripted_triggers – Add Dark Influence Governments to list of Spiritualist Govs/Constitutional Monarchy to be added to generic gov list.
00_opinion_modifiers – For Constitutional Monarchy Diplomatic Malus to be nullified
01_personality_opinions – As above
pop_faction_types/00_traditionalists – Help Spiritualist Factions recognise Dark Influence Governments as Spiritualist
species_rights – Interstellar Dominion changes.
There should not be any serious issues with compatibility when running this with other mods. Mods that allow Uninhabitable Worlds to be terraformed may cause some issues when used with mine, due to the Planet Forgers civic.
If you do experience issues, check the Changed Vanilla Files section in case your mod changes any of those, and send a message about the issue. Be sure to tell me which mod(s) you’re using so I can track the issue down faster.
Localisation strings have been added for all in-game languages, but use the English localisation. As other languages are not one of my fields of strengths, and online translators tend to hash it up, there is not much I can do here.

If you have any issues, problems or suggestions with Civic Redux, please let me know and I’ll get back as soon as I can.

Ungentlemanly Conduct
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