Aggressive AI Banks Stellaris

Aggressive AI Banks Stellaris

• AI builds many more armies.
• AI declares war much, much more often.
• AI uses blitzkreig-esque offensive tactics whenever possible, occupies planets much faster/more often.
• AI will colonize worlds much farther away to gain an advantage. (BORDER GORE WARNING)
• Lowered Truce Time
• Thanks to Anex, AI also has better sector management skills as well.
• Thanks to Anex, trust/opinion/threat mechanics reworked.

This mod is a tweaked compilation of three other mods, intended to make the galaxy more dynamic, the AI more aggressive, and the AI smarter.

The mods I’ve combined have been tweaked to work in synchronicity and with personal touches.

The first mod is “Proactive and Mobilized AI” by Carniak. Essentially, this mod makes the AI war much more efficiently, and on a grander scale. This adds power to the AI, by willing it to attack more and in greater numbers.

Second, there’s “Enhanced AI” by Anex. His mod is extremely thorough, and composes the majority of the changes, but I have also heavily tweaked multiple values within it. Enhanced AI will prioritize building armies much more than previously, but I’ve also made them more likely to attack with armies, and declare war in general. The AI will now occupy you almost immediately.

Finally, there’s “AI War Fix” by Rusky. This is a pretty simple mod, it just removed the mineral/energy cost for building armies. However, I’ve changed that, and now instead simply halved the cost.

The result (as long as you are playing 1.6.1) of combining these mods is that the galaxy will have a lot of constant, ongoing border change. Of course, since paradox has yet to implement proper fracturing, this will just lead to blobbing, but in my opinion the game needs more blobbing to add challenge and variety.

Please do check out those mods: Even if this is a heavily modified and tweaked version, their initial work is what I based this off of.

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